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Code : REZ 20
Artist name : Rezzan Erguvan ONAL »
Name and date : Guzide Gulpinar Taranoglu - Poet 2013
Price : Collection
Technique : Oil painting
Done over : Tuval
Dimensions : 90 x 70 cm or
35.43 x 27.56 inches
Description :
This painting is a gift for valuable and famous poet Guzide Gulpinar Taranoglu who has a distinguished place in my compulsory medical service years in Ordu.


She was born in Istanbul on January 28, 1922. She wrote in Tasvir and Yeni Tanin newspapers. In 1976, she began publishing Gulpinar Monthly Magazine of Idea-Art-Literature-Poetry for nearly a period of thirty years. This magazine also included poems by young poets in order to support and encourage them on their way in literature. She wrote nearly twenty books including poems and essays. Upto twohundred of her poems became lyrics of  Turkish Art Music  and  received many awards.

She served as founder and president of some social associations.


She published all of her works with personal budget with no commercial aims.

Today is 28 January, 2013. Happy birthday to Guzide Gulpinar Taranoglu.

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