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Code : AIN 506
Artist name : A. Aydin BAYKARA »
Name and date : Fishes 2012
Price : Collection
Technique : Watercolor
Dimensions : 50 x 65 cm or
19.69 x 25.59 inches
Description :

This painting has two awards;


2012 Artavita 2nd Contamporary Masters Competition - USA (Honoable Mention)

2013 15. People Upstream Gallery - USA, Uluslararası Sanat Yarışması (Special International Recognition Award)

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A. AYDIN BAYKARA of Ankara, Turkey has a fresh use of watercolor using a subject quite related to water, i.e. fish.
His artwork "FISHES" is very appealing in terms of the signature technical approach.
Another work gains merit especially in terms of the concept of survival of the fittest in his piece "Escape from Jaw"

Prof. Laurence Bradshaw
Professor of Art, University of Nebraska Omaha-USA

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