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(1965, Izmir)


I was born in Izmir in 1965 and Graduated from 9 September University's Economical and Managerial Programmes department of job. Higher Education School currently I am retired.


My first step in drawing art was in 1998 as a result of my diversified creative experiences in my soul and  life coming thru my childhood and my interest in art along with the searches that I had started to make my life more meaningful, the dairies that I had started to keep, the poems that I had written time to time my impressions of museums and exhibitions, my interest in cultural and artistic investigations.


My drawing adventure that widens and develops with different techniques that I had began to learn at Feriha Tuğran workshop since 2004 is stil going on.


My poems and drawings are born in a musical media in which my that instant feelings cope with what I had lived in a lyric atmosphere in life, art and art life philosophy, my nostalgies, my impressions or as a withess to a part of history and under an influence in which humankind is the comman figure.


Along with all those  formation  period, I had based my drawing understanding (that includes my investigations , interrogations and willingness to developments and changes while blinking my eye from past to today with casting the anchor on the deepness and richness of  our culture and history in storms of my feelings in action) on leaving a trace from today to future about art




2011 Efes Müzesi Hikmet Güçay Sanat Galerisi Selçuk - İzmir

2010 İTÜ'lüler Birliği Derneği İzmir Şubesi İzmir

2010 Ege University Ege Vocational School Art Gallery, IZMİR

2009 Karlıkevi Art House NEVSEHIR

2008 Frida Art House , IZMIR

2007 Istanbul Technical University Foundation Art Gallery, IZMIR

2006 Smyrna Nature Sports Club, IZMIR

2005 Smorg Cafe, IZMIR




2010 Artura Art Gallery, Alaçatı, IZMIR

2010 Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum Directorate and with the collaboration of The Balkan Women's Cultural and Solidarity Association "Women from Past to Present on" competitive exhibitions - Izmir

2009 6. International Capadocia Art Camp Exhibition NEVŞEHİR

2009 Group Group Mixte Drawing Exhibition - Erenus Art Galery - ANKARA

2005 International drawing feast organized in "23 Universiade 2005  İZMİR , Live performance and Catalogue.

2005 Int'lgrameen Microcredit Bienal "Participation in Exhibition and catalogue with theme" Struggle Against Poorness in the World"

2005 Stage Drawing and Sculpture Museum, Arif Hikmet Koyuncuoğlu Exhibition Palace, ANKARA

2004 TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Foundation National Sovereignty Art Gallery - Figen Beğen  Workshop , İZMİR

2004 Basak İnsurance Inc. Art Gallery Mixte Drawing Exhibition