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Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine "The Art of Rebirth and Renewal" (Deadline: April 27th 2015)

Galileo Chini, La primavera che perennemente si rinnova, 1914

Hi A. Aydin

Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine is pleased to announce that we have launched a new art competition entitled  "The Art of Rebirth and Renewal".


· Deadline: April 27th 2015 at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

· Cash Prizes ($300; $200; $100)



With spring right around the corner, we’re looking forward to a heavy dose of art teeming with life, hope, birth and renewal. Think spring, fecundity, mating season, seduction, a new lease on life, redemption, exuberance, growth, awakening and vitality.

As always, we take the broadest possible approach to our theme driven art competitions. We’ll consider art subscribing to any “ism” under the sun. We’re also open to any style and genre:  abstract, figurative, landscape, still life, conceptual, religious, historical, everyday life, animals.  Nudity is okay, just remember to keep it clean (in other words, no pornography).

Artists anywhere in the world who are 18 and over are welcomed to submit their work to this competi­tion.  We are accepting 2D paintings, drawings, etchings, pastels, mix medium artwork, 3D sculpture and photography.

Whatever level you have already achieved in your career, Exhibeo Art Competitions will further your status in the art community. We help that happen by creating buzz in the press on-line and off-line. That exposure will lead to increased public recognition. Click here to read what artists are saying about us.

Submit as many images as you want to. We will give each our serious attention.


Exhibeo Art Competitions is dedicated to empowering exceptional artists.  We are invit­ing you to sign up for our online art competitions to showcase your talent.


Kindest Regards,


Valerie Lamarre



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