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Son Cagiri - Shanghai Uluslararasi Sanat Fuarinda Sergileme (Son Basvuru: 12 Ekim 2020) Bugun
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Hosted by the Governments of Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province.

The Shanghai International Art Fair (SIAF) NECC, 19-22 November 2020 is going ahead with the support of the Chinese Government.

NEW! For those who cannot attend in person. Exhibit remotely at SIAF2020 with live-streaming of your booth, realtime interaction with the collectors and local speaking sales representatives selling your work. Info+

LATEST NEWS! The Shanghai International Art Fair and The Global Art Awards collab. On Saturday 21st November 2020 the Global Art Awards will be announced parallel to the Shanghai International Art Fair. All Nationalities are welcome. Winners prize worth more than $ 10,000 USD in each category. Info+

The second edition of the SIAF is once again part of the successful Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo (iCiE) held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai (NECC) one of Shanghai's landmark buildings. Celebrating the development of the region’s cultural industries, hosted by the Government of Shanghai. With a visitor number of 80,000, including 15,000 professional buyers, making it the largest cluster for international cultural trade.
Curated by the Chinese Government for Culture | 95% booked
Deadline 12th October 2020
The selection is based on the interest of the Chinese art collectors, buyers and investors. Our Curators are part of the Chinese Government for Culture. Inviting Artists and Galleries to submit. The art fair has a dedicated Gallery area. We also offer shipping, setting-up, and Chinese speaking representative services. It is not mandatory for exhibitors to attend in person. We offer a fully serviced professional art fair experience. Including shipping, installing, representatives, selling and live-streaming of your booth and real-time interaction with the visitors. Please view all T&C and FAQ before submitting. For questions please email to: office@theshanghaiartfair.com
Picture: The venue NECC Shanghai


The Shanghai International Art Fair is part of the Yangtze River Delta International Industries Expo (iCiE). Celebrating the development of the region’s cultural industries. Building upon the success of the second edition the iCiE 2020 expands the exhibition space to 54,000 sqm delivering a more international event generating a bigger impact on a bigger scale.

  • Estimated visitor numbers of 120,000, including 25,000 professional buyers.

  • Only 50 Exhibitors can participate. The selection is fierce based on the interest of the Chinese art collectors, buyers and investors.

  • There are three separated art exhibition areas

    1) Galleries (1-3 yrs)

    2) Galleries (3+ yrs)

    3) Solo-Platform (Established artists with proven track record)

  • The event is China’s largest Cluster for international cultural trade. Hosted by the Governments of Shanghai.

  • The 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo was covered in 725 original articles with a total of 807 thousand words by 173 media outlets, and generated 1.39 million related news messages online.

  • In 2016, sales in the global art market reached over 45 billion US dollars. The Asian art market ranked number 3 globally in sales, and had the largest auction market worth 6.81 billion USD. [Source: artnet, various auction houses, Orbis, and the 2017 Global Dealers Study]

  • China ranked number 1 in global art auction sales in 2016, with 6.33 billion US dollars.

  • Attracting world-renowned art institutions, symbolic museums and art galleries, top art collectors, and so on, to come to Shanghai.





In the online competition of

The Global Art Awards 2020

Open to Artists & Galleries worldwide

Winners announced on 21 November 2020

(parallel to The Shanghai International Art Fair)

For those who cannot attend in person and are unable to ship their artworks we offer a special digital art exhibition at the Shanghai International Art Fair.

Exhibit your artworks in the form of dynamic digital video footage showcased on a High-Definition large plasma screen, with the footage being developed by us, you only have to email high resolution JPG of your artworks – we do the work!

Get Maximum Exposure at Minimal Costs.

Visitors have the opportunity to view your artworks on large screen at the Shanghai International Art Fair. They can take your contact details and get in touch with you directly. Submit online and choose Digital Art Showcase option from $ 650 USD.

Some pictures of the Digital Art Exhibition large screen are shown below.

If interested you can submit online here: Artist Application (choose Digital Art Showcase).

What’s included in the Digital Art Showcase:

  • Exhibition of 2 or 4 artwork images displayed on High Definition Plasma screen at the International Art Fair

  • Documentation of your exhibition and footage in video and photography

  • Intro shot of your Artist name and website

  • Credits and Advert in the official Art Fair Catalogue

  • Mention of Artist in Exhibitor List on the Art Fair Website

  • Mention of Artist on Art Fair Banner

  • Possibilities of shipping Business Cards to be displayed at Art Fair for contacts to take

  • Shipping of Catalogue to your address at a small extra fee

  • Extra Promotions available such as Interview, Press Release Mentions, Social Media promo, etc.

  • Statistics and Analytics of the success of the overal show 

Artwork: Images can be supplied in JPG in 300dpi

Only a restricted amount of artists are featured on the high-definition screen. Making sure your artwork is on show for approx. half a minute at a time showing each few minutes.





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