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Amerikan Suluboya Dernegi - 153. Suluboya Resim Yarismasi 2020 (Son Basvuru: 15 Kasim 2019) - PRESTIJLI YARISMA
American Watercolor Society, Inc. Masthead



The Annual Exhibition is open to all artists working in water soluble media: watercolor, acrylic, casein, gouache and egg tempera on paper. Canvas is not accepted.

No collage, pastels, class work, copies, digital images or prints; original work only. The artwork may not be a copy or likeness of another’s work (i.e. painting, drawing, photograph, digital image or print). Only original artwork is accepted.

Maximum frame size is 44” in any direction.

Image size limit is no smaller than 10” x 14”.

All paintings must be sturdily framed and have Plexiglas® plastic glazing. Varnish is not accepted.


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