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2019 Richeson75 Sanat Okulu Naturmort ve Bitki Yarismasi

We are pleased to announce the awards for the 2019 Richeson75 Still Life & Floral competition, as selected by Awards Juror Terry Stanley. Her comments about the winners are located by each painting. 

In addition to the awards below, you can vote for the People's Choice award where one talented artist will receive a gift certificate for $500 worth of Jack Richeson & Co. art materials!

The People's Choice Award will be selected by YOU! It is easy to vote, just visit the Richeson School of Art & Gallery Facebook page to find the 2019 Richeson75 Still Life & Floral album. "Like" your favorite artworks: you can like each painting only once, but you may like as many artworks as you wish. The painting with the most likes wins. Please note that only likes on the original posted images will be counted.

Voting opens April 4, 2019 through April 18, 2019 and the winner will be announced April 19, 2019. We encourage you to get your friends, family and followers involved in voting. Be sure to tag your painting as well! 

Now to the winners...
Honorable Mention Awards
"Bluebird, Bartletts & Cara Caras"

"The bird, the cut glass bowl the complementary color scheme keep the flow going in this beautiful still life. "
by Patrick Saunders

"An apt title for this beautiful, Impressionistic piece. The clean, imaginative color variations within the shadows are exquisite."
by Michael Freeman

"Great use of light and shadow to create form and depth. The pull string even gives the viewer a hint as to the height of the toy. It makes me happy."
3rd Place
$500 Art Material Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.
"Ultramarine Madness"
by Eric Johnson

"Texture again…the fur, the skill, the cold brass and the chalky pigment. Its an irresistible Artist’s Vanitas. Humor and technical mastery all in one."
2nd Place
$750 Art Material Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.
"From Morning Garden"
by Keiko Yasuoka

"What beautiful handling of watercolor…the washy, blooming shadow is an intriguing focus of the composition and is perfectly balanced by the other elements. There is something to appreciate in every inch of this piece."
1st Place
$1000 Art Material Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.
by Lucas Bononi
"Nostalgia hit me with this piece (my mom had
a mixer like this) but it was the handling of
the cellophane/wrapping that astounded me.
Great use of abstract shapes, color temperature and especially those luscious lost and found edges. Very, very ‘painterly’ while losing none of the important details."
Best in Show 2018
$2,500 CASH
"Ashes and Embers"
by Julie Beck

"For me, this one is a symphony of textures and light, beautifully wrought. You can almost feel the difference in weight of the iron lantern and the tin box, and feel the smooth solidity of the
carved bird. The light leaves no question of dimensionality (especially the dish): Not just the shadow but the way the light within the dish is handled as well. Great use of edges and color."
Congratulations to the Winners!
Check out the full exhibit and past Richeson75 exhibits online at richeson75.com. 

Awards Juror
Terry Stanley

Terry Stanley was the Founding Director of Richeson School of Art and Gallery. She is a professional artist who has studied with Masters like Everett Raymond Kinstler, Michael Shane Neal, Stephen Quiller, Mort Solberg, Robert Bateman, David Cheifetz and David Kassan, among others.

She specializes in commissioned animal portraiture. Terry has curated and acted as juror for exhibits and competitions across the country and teaches workshops frequently. She is currently the Executive Director of Wisconsin Visual Artists and the Museum Tour Director for the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation.




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