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2018 Richeson75 Sanat Okulu - Naturmort ve Bitki Yarismasi

Dear Abdullah Aydin,    

We are pleased to announce the awards for the Richeson75 Still Life & Floral  2018 competition, as selected by Awards Juror Jeffery Hargreaves. His comments about the winners are located by each painting.

In addition to the awards below, you can vote for the People's Choice award where one talented artist will receive a gift certificate for $500 worth of Jack Richeson & Co. art materials! 

The People's Choice Award will be selected by you! It is easy to vote, just go to the Richeson School of Art & Gallery Facebook page to find the 2017 Richeson75 Still Life & Floral album. "Like" your favorite artworks: you can like each painting only once, but you may like as many artworks as you wish. The painting with the most likes wins. Voting opens April 4, 2018 through April 19, 2018 and the winner will be announced April 20, 2018. We encourage you to get your friends and family involved in voting. Be sure to tag your painting as well!

Now to the winners....

A total of two Honorable Mention awards were selected. The winners will receive a materials prize from Jack Richeson & Co. The winners are:

Honorable Mention      
by Niamh Butler

"What drew me to this was how beautifully this piece is drawn and painted. I liked the values and colors used, and how the combination of abstract shapes come together to reveal a very realistic and beautiful floral."

"Attempted Murder"
by Kari Tirrell

"This is very nicely painted. What I love about this piece is the concept, the thought behind it. Nice!"

3rd Place 
$500 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co. 

"Autumn Reflections"
by Jeremy Goodding 

"I love this classic set up. Beautiful. I like how you're brought into the piece and your eye is led around the canvas. It's beautifully painted with some superb handling of the light and dark passages giving the objects plenty of depth and volume. All in all, just real nice!"

2nd Place 
$750 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

"Night Color No. 2"
by JingHu Ma

"This is a visually stunning and beautiful piece. Love the concept. I sensed a lot of restraint here, very deliberate and well placed patches of light against dark to direct the eye in and around the image. The drawing, the values and edges really add to the beauty of this artwork."

1st Place 
$1,000 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

"Lost Soul, South of France, 1917"
by Steve Wilda

"I like that this piece gives you the impression of a story, a time and place you want to know more about. I liked the layout, composition and the use of values and color. What I really liked about this is that it is drawn and painted so well. There's plenty of varying textures and drama. All very well done."

$2,500 Cash

"Bioluminescence IV"
by Rob Rey

"This one checked off all the boxes for me. First, I liked the composition. Second, I loved the concept. I really enjoyed the drama, the atmosphere and confidence exhibited in the painting of this piece. I like the paint application here but mostly I love the beautiful brushwork. This is really well done."

Congratulations to the Winners!
Check out the full exhibit and past Richeson75 exhibits online at richeson75.com. 
Awards Juror
Jeffery Hargreaves
Comments about Jurying the 2018 Richeson75 Still Life & Floral Competition:
"When participating in juried events like this, I'm sure you've often heard the judge say how difficult it was to choose the winners? Well surprise, judging this show was no different. All of the pieces that I looked at were really well done. My hat is off to all of you. Having to pick one piece over another for an award was a difficult task and it was, indeed, all very close.
So, to help myself in the decision making process, I like to set up some guides or qualities that I will look for in each piece. These are going to be things like concept and composition, drawing, value and edges, paint quality and brushstrokes and finally it has to be a great looking piece of art, one that you won't get tired of viewing time and again.
All of the pieces I viewed exhibited a mixture of these qualities. I congratulate all those that entered the show and those that won an award."

Jack Richeson & Company, PO Box 160, 557 Marcella Street, Kimberly, WI 54136

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