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2017 Richeson75 Hayvanlar, Kuslar & Yabanil Hayvanlar Yarismasi

Dear Abdullah Aydin,    

We are pleased to announce the awards for the Richeson75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2017 competition, as selected by Awards Juror Natasha Isenhour. Her comments about the winners are located by each painting.

In addition to the awards below, you can vote for the People's Choice award where one talented artist will receive a gift certificate for $500 worth of Jack Richeson & Co. art materials! 

The People's Choice Award will be selected by you! It is easy to vote, just go to the Richeson School of Art & Gallery Facebook page to find the 2017 Richeson75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife album. "Like" your favorite artworks: you can like each painting only once, but you may like as many artworks as you wish. The painting with the most likes wins. Voting opens December 6th through December 20th and the winner will be announced December 21st. We encourage you to get your friends and family involved in voting. Be sure to tag your painting as well!

Now to the winners....

A total of two Honorable Mention awards were selected. The winners will receive a materials prize from Jack Richeson & Co. The winners are:

Honorable Mention      
"Emile and His Sheep" 
by Diana De Santis 

"I love the simplicity of the brush work and the suggestion of form. Lovely color palette.
Lovely, expression-filled painting.    The composition is beautiful.  I love the tight crop of the subjects weighted at the bottom of the canvas.  It lets me see the intimacy of this fellow with his little bunch of sheep out away from the rest of the world.  The closeness of them to his legs and the way his posture and expression are rendered, both give you insight as to the relationship they have and the quiet that I can imagine so well from the aerial perspective as the artist has conveyed it.  Beautiful rich palette with a strong feeling of spontaneity that defines this moment that the artist has captured."

"Light Play. Spoonbill"
by Pete Marshall

"Composition and light.  This painting is a perfect definition of the two working together.  This artist has mastered the subtlety of white.  White, really isn't.  This artist has used the lightest lights and darkest darks sparingly which has created a perfect drama without making the subject "heavy."  Plenty of extra detail where is is needed without making your eye restless moving about the painting. Light, concise and delicate.  Very, very well done."

3rd Place 
$500 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co. 

"Windblown Charlie"
by Johanne Mangi

"I believe I could look at this painting on my wall every day and delight every time my eyes fell upon it.  Beautiful movement and extraordinary use of a minimal palette!  The brush strokes are responsible for eluding to the soft nature of the fur while allowing you to almost see it fluttering in the breeze.  The least of warm tones on the chest of the dog and illuminating the muzzle and eye on the sunlit side are subtle and plenty all at once.  This artist made the painting look effortless and every single brushstroke is important and confident.  I feel the mass of this animal without the need for a fallen shadow on the ground or any other "thing" in the painting as a point of reference."

2nd Place 
$750 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

"Harmony Home"
by Zhiliang Zhang

"This piece transcends photo realism.  A triumph of going beyond a literal translation of a photograph into actually being able to feel the environment that the pheasants are in.  A more tight rendering of the fowl and their coloring offset the detail work in the foreground beautifully so you don't get caught up in the surroundings and lose sight of the actual subject.  A real "old masters" feel to this one.  Very skillfully done.  "

1st Place 
$1,000 Art Materials Certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

"Golden Light"
by William Suys

"In a time when there are so many paintings of Longhorns, this work raises the bar on so many levels!  To begin with, the composition is so perfectly balanced to my eye.  Two things are responsible for that success, the placement of an otherwise painfully symmetrical subject, and the way the light carries the eye through the painting.  I am overjoyed with the palette here and the subtlety of the background environment with carrying the colors that tie the subject in.  The lost edges are beautiful and utilized perfectly with only the most important details of the face in sharper focus to keep the eye coming back.  Lovely work!"

$2,500 Cash

"Queen of the Canyon"
by Kelly Singleton

"Exemplary use of light in this piece, not only has you feeling the sun here, but has also been used masterfully to create beautiful compositional angles that keep you exploring the elements while bringing you back to the subjects face over and over again.  Skillful use of color allows for a busy environment without distracting the viewers interest in the mountain lion.  The cool blues and purples in the rocks and shadows work as a perfect balance to the warmth of the animal without overpowering it.  Beautiful, balanced and exciting composition.  I love looking closely at the brushwork on this. Absolutely beautifully done. Bravo!"

Congratulations to the Winners!
Check out the full exhibit and past Richeson75 exhibits online at richeson75.com. 
Meet the Juror
Natasha Isenhour
Natasha Isenhour has been involved with ARTsmart Santa Fe and has been Artist In Residence at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe over the course of several years. She has served in various capacities with the Pastel Society of New Mexico as well as serving for two years as President.
She is an active member of the following organizations:
Oil Painters of America
American Women Artists
Pastel Society of New Mexico
Plein Air Painters of New Mexico
Isenhour's collectors span the globe from all across the United States to Paris and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her work has been exhibited internationally in London, the Czech Republic, and Florence, Italy.  Natasha is a member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and a writer for, and  member of the Pastel Society of New Mexico. 

To learn more about Natasha and visit her website. Natasha Isenhour 
Jack Richeson & Company, PO Box 160, 557 Marcella Street, Kimberly, WI 54136

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