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"Farkliligimizin Farkina Varin" - Ogretmenler, Yazarlar, Sairler, Ogrenciler Basvurularinizi Bekliyoruz (Son Basvuru: 10 Ocak 2017)
"Sometimes when there is only silence, yours must be the voice that is heard"
  ~ Jayda E., 6th Grade, Louis R. Johnson Middle School 
Cash Award: $1,000

Submission Deadline:  January 10, 2017  
Embracing Our Differences will be returning during April and May 2017. Each year the Embracing Our Differences international art exhibit gets bigger and better. Our 13th annual exhibit in 2016 was no exception as we hosted 209,000 visitors bringing attendance, since 2004, to more than 2,300,000.
A critical part of the international art exhibit is the impact of personal thoughts that accompany each piece of artwork. These quotations provide members of our community a chance to voice their thoughts, feelings and ideas reflecting our theme of "enriching lives through diversity." The combination of visual art and the written word adds a deeper dimension to the overall experience.
In 20 words or less, share your original thoughts and become part of this enlightening project. Below are several ideas to help stimulate your thinking about "enriching lives through diversity."
*     What does embracing our differences mean to you?
*     What does diversity mean to you?
*     Have you ever been bullied? How did you feel?
*     Have you witnessed someone being bullied? How did you feel?
*     What are you looking for in a best friend?
*     What would a perfect world look like?
*     How would you change the world?
Please consider sharing your thoughts and know that you are helping make to create a community that is safe and inclusive for all 

Submit as many original quotations as you wish. There is no submission fee.

Teachers may complete submissions on behalf of their students and, at their option, substitute their personal or school contact information for that of their students.

 To view past winning quotations and art, please visit our galleries.



Embracing Our Differences, P.O. Box 2559, Sarasota, FL 34230-2559
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