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2016 Richeson75 Figur ve Portre Yarismasi (Prestijli Yarisma)

Dear A.Aydin Baykara,    

We are pleased to announce the awards for the Richeson75 Figure/ Portrait 2016 competition, as presented this evening by Awards Juror William Schneider. His comments about the winners are located by each painting.

A total of four Honorable Mention awards were selected. The winners will receive a materials prize from Jack Richeson & Co. The winners are:

Honorable Mention Other Media     
"Thornbird" by Julie Jilek

"A gem of a composition! I love the emotional rendering of the girl's face contrasted with the suggestion of the birds' motion with the circular design. Very original and creative treatment!"

"Thoughts of Elberta" by Brenda Hash

"Another very strong piece, the rendering of the girl's head is dead-on. The expression and gesture of the pose is completely believable." 

Honorable Mention Oils/ Acrylics
"Pete" by Nicole Moné

"A little gem, the temperature shifts are subtle but dead on."

"My Shoe Your Shoe" by 
Marci Oleszkiewicz

"Excellent composition! Degas-like Hard to have multiple figures all read well and yet still have a clear focal point. Tells a story."

2nd Place Oils & Acrylics
$250 cash plus a $500 art materials certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

Tim Tyler
Oil 36 x 33

"Strong, impactful piece, it cannot be ignored. Great rendering, the 3-D effect absolutely does "fool the eye."
-William Schneider

2nd Place Other Media
$250 cash plus a $500 art materials certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

Emanuela De Musis
"Portrait of Something Lost"
Graphite 19 x 25

"Deceptively simple design! The soft (and usually completely lost) edge work reinforces this poetic interpretation of the subject."

-William Schneider

1st Place Oils & Acrylics
$500 cash plus a $1,000 art materials certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

Katherine Stone
Oil 18 x 26

"I love the accuracy of texture (fur, hair and cloth all read!) Great, subtle color harmony. Tight without being brittle."

-William Schneider

1st Place Other Media 
$500 cash plus a $1,000 art materials certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.

Rita Romero
"The Gold Bangle"
Pastel 23 x 27

"Outstanding drawing, value, temperature and edge control. The rendering of the hands  is masterful and as expressive as the face."

-William Schneider

$5,000 Cash

August Burns
"Roller Derby Queen"
Oil 24 x 30

"This is the complete package - stunning from across the room or two feet away. Excellent drawing and rendering. The temperature shift between light and shadow is very close yet totally believable. Love the soft transitions."

-William Schneider

Congratulations to the Winners!
This exhibit is on display at Richeson School of Art & Gallery through December 3rd, 2016. Check out the full exhibit and past Richeson75 exhibits online at richeson75.com. 

Call for Entries:
Richeson75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife
Entry Deadline: October 31

For the prospectus and to enter, visit richeson75.com
Jack Richeson & Company PO Box 160 557 Marcella Street Kimberly WI 54136

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