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Uluslararasi Sanat Festivali - Secilmis Sanatcilara Katalog ve Amerika'da Sergi icin Sanatcilara Acik Cagiri (Ucretsiz basvuru)


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Dear Artist,


You are invited to submit images of your artworks free of charge to be considered for the SELECTED ARTISTSCatalog(volume 2) and curated ART EXHIBITION.





We were extremely pleased with the success of the SELECTED ARTISTS 2016 catalog. It came out to be a beautifully crafted 11”x11” hard cover book with high quality images and information about each artist. You can see the online version of the book by going to our website newartfestival.com

We are running an Open Call to submit your works free of charge for consideration and selection to be included in the International Art Festival SELECTED ARTISTS catalog V2.

This catalog is intended for use as a marketing tool for featured artists, who will use it to attract patrons and press attention. We will promote and distribute the catalog at major art fairs, galleries and other important venues. We will also send the 2017 International Art Festival catalog to important collectors of contemporary art and journalists who cover art news and trends.

Artists that will be eligible to appear in the catalog have to meet the criteria setby the jury. 

If you selected and decide to participate the fee is $350 per page, $600 for 2 pages and additional discounts for multiple pages.

We do not set a deadline now because we close a volume when we complete the number of artists who accept the invitation.The sooner you apply and upload your works the better chance you have to participate in the book. 

Go to our website newartfestival.com to register and
upload your artworks today! And it is free!

If you are approved the Editor will contact you directlywith further information.





The selected artists will be awarded for group exhibition in Chelsea, prime New York City location for the art.  Our main purpose is to provide select artists with an opportunity to present their work to the New York and International art-buying public. 

Only 40 artists will be accepted to exhibit their works. 

Our sale exhibitions are well-attended and covered by local and international media outlets.

During the past four years, International Art Festival, Inc. has sponsored annual competitions and sales exhibitions of work by leading figures among establishing and emerging contemporary artists.

It generated a warm response and great excitement among trend-setting members of the New York community who support and patronize contemporary artists. We invite you to view video footage of one of our recent exhibitions, which is available at newartfestival.com

We want to work with you on facilitating your access to the art market, and on enhancing your profile with the public and among your peers.

Thank you for your support.

Contact information: 
Phone: 917-449-2842  




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