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4. Uluslararası Posta Yoluyla NYÍRACSÁD'ta Sanat Segisi (Başvuru Süresi: 1 Eylül 2015 ve 30 Nisan 2016)


The local government of Nyíracsád and Ligetalja Tourist Association are inviting mail art applications. Those pieces of art are to be sent that can be delivered by post.  The works will be the property of Nyíracsád and lodged in Than Mór Mail Art Museum, where they will be constantly exhibited in a 2-3 months rotation.


  1. Beauty and the Beast

  2. Under water and on the Surface

      3.   Sweet life

There is no constraint regarding the technique.


We accept:


Paintings: oil, aquarelle, gouache, tempora, etc

Graphics: pen, pencil, chalks, pastel, etc

Fine-Art prints: copper, wooden, metal, lino or plastic etching, intaglio

Other: collographia, serigraphia, glassware, mosaic, jewels, leather artworks, origami, enamel, etc

Photo: black and white, coloured, photo graphics, digital prints, etc

Statuettes: wooden, metal, ceramics, plastic, etc

DVD: max. 10 minutes

Music CD: max. 15 minutes


Size: paintings, graphics, etc: max. 70*50 cm, 2-3 pieces/person

         statuettes: max 70 cm


We also exhibit the documents attached to the works, e.g. photo, catalogues.

 Please send the works to the following address between 1 September 2015 and 30 April 2016:


Kiss József painter, organizer

Postal code: 4262

Nyíracsád, Széchenyi utca 11.



The opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place in Nyíracsád in Malom Gallery on 20 May, 2016 pm16

It is recommended to send the art pieces in time so there will not be postal delays towards the deadline. Please be advised that due to the amount of email responses, we may not be able to answer all enquiries. Please check the internet for further information on mail art.


Contact: hunmailart@gmail.com


Dr Nagy János                         Kiss József                              Sándor Edit

                  mayor                              painter, organizer                          director

                                                                                              Ligetalja Tourist Association


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