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Artavita - Los Angeles 2015 Sanat Fuarına Katılım İçin 1. Yarışma

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1st Contest on Artavita to win free placement in the art publication International Contemporary Masters


The winner wins 6 pages (value $3,885) in the juried art publication International Contemporary  Masters
Contest fee $15 per image.
Contest ends December 20, 2015
Artavita is the only website to offer this contest. We have the exclusivity of arranging contests for this art book


Submit as many images as you can to increase the possibilities of winning.
Painting & 2-dimensional mixed media
Sculpture & 3-dimensional mixed media
Digital Art
Photography digitally Manipulated
MIxed Media
Ceramic art
1. Sign up or if have already done so, Sign in.
2. Click on Artists Contests
3. Click on Upload an image to the contest or Participate in the contest.
4. Upload your images (image requirements: Images must be only in JPEG or GIFF and no more than 500 KB each. If you cannot upload the images, send them to info@artavita.com. We will send you a paypal request for the participation fee and when we receive your payment we will enter them. If you need any assistance, contact us by email or call +1 805 845 3869

Despina Tunberg - Curator - Director of ' World Wide Art Los Angeles'
Thomas Tunberg Director of ' World Wide Art Los Angeles'  



Phone: +1.808.845.38.69 |  
www.artavita.com info@artavita.com




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