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2013/2014 ULUSLARARASI 10. ARC SALON SANAT YARIŞMASI (Son Başvuru: 15 Ocak 2014)

e are happy to announce the Art Renewal Center's 2013-2014 International ARC Salon™. This will be our 10th annual competition in which some of the best contemporary realist artists in the world compete for recognition, cash prizes, and a chance to have their work seen by some of the more than 5,000,000 annual visitors to the ARC website, as well as in other reputable venues.

This year we will have press coverage in six magazines; Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine will be publishing an article on the top winners of the 2013-2014 Salon. In addition, Plein Air Magazine will be giving out a special award to one artist to be featured in their magazine. Also, for the first year ever, American Art Collector Magazine, Western Art Collector Magazine, American Fine Art Magazine, and International Artist Magazinewill all be giving out awards as well. Lastly, ARC Director of Operations, Kara Lysandra Ross, will write an article on the top winners for the Epoch Times, a large international newspaper that publishes in 19 languages. 

This year we are offering $61,450 in cash awards, though with purchase awards sometimes being well above the minimum stated below, the total amount is often much higher. For example, in last year's competition paintings valued at over $200,000 were purchased. Participants can compete and win in 7 categories: Figurative, Imaginative Realism, Landscape, Animals, Still life, Sculpture, and Drawing. We will also be giving out some special awards designed to encourage creativity and ambition in the arts: Best Portrait, Best Nude, Most Ambitious Work, Best Trompe L'oeil, and Best Social Commentary. Award winners and finalists will be featured on the Art Renewal Center's website and in our full color catalogue. Some of the winners will also be published in the venues mentioned above, those being Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Plein Air Magazine,American Art Collector Magazine, Western Art Collector Magazine, American Fine Art Magazine, andInternational Artist Magazine, and the Epoch Times. 

To enter the ARC Salon visit our online application form between October 1, 2013 and January 15, 2014.


All winners, honorable mentions, and finalists will have their entries accompanied by their name displayed on the ARC website and will also be featured in the 2013-2014 Salon Catalogue. In addition, all winners and honorable mentions will receive an Award Certificate suitable for framing. Some top winners will also be featured in an article about the Salon in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. Fine Art Connoisseur serves art collectors and enthusiasts with innovative articles about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints - both historical and contemporary, American and European. Over the past decade, the magazine has developed a particularly strong reputation for its editorial coverage of realism, a field of artistic excellence.

Best in Show: $8,000 cash award plus feature in fully produced and released DVD ($25,000 value).
In addition to a $8,000 cash award, the Best in Show winner of the 2013/2014 ARC Salon competition will be awarded with a fully produced and released video DVD showing a demonstration of their technique, an interview with the artist, and a profile of the artist's work as a key featured part of a DVD on the ARC Salon. This is a$25,000 value and will be produced by Streamline Art Video (an ARC Allied Organization).The winner will also gain automatic acceptance into the ARC Approved Artist/Living Master Gallery with exemption from the application process and the application fee. ARC Artist/Living Master Gallery space in the Museum section of the ARC's website includes the artist's biographical and contact information accompanied by 25-30 images of the artist's finest works. 

The William Bouguereau Award - "Emotion, Theme, and the Figure": $3,000

Plein Air Magazine Award - One artist who paints in a plein air style will be chosen to have a feature article done on their work in Plein Air Magazine. This award will be chosen by the magazine's publisher B. Eric Rhoads. 

American Art Collector Magazine Award of Excellence - A featured article on the artist's work in American Art Collector Magazine, chosen by the magazine's editor Joshua Rose.

Western Art Collector Magazine Award of Excellence - A featured article on a Western artist's work inWestern Art Collector Magazine, chosen by the magazine's editor Joshua Rose.

American Fine Art Magazine Award of Excellence - to be announced.

International Artist Magazine Award of Excellence - A featured article on an artist from outside the United States in International Artist Magazine, chosen by the magazine's editor Joshua Rose.

Best Portrait - $250 

Most Ambitious Work - $250 

Best Nude - $250 

Best Trompe L'oeil - $250 

Best Social Commentary - $250 

7 First Place Awards: $2,250 awarded in each category

7 Second Place Awards: $1,000 awarded in each category

7 Third Place Awards: $500 awarded in each category

Chairman's Choice Award: 3 Awarded at $350 each

ARC Staff Award: 4 Awarded at $100 each by the ARC Staff

Minimum of $20,000 in Purchase Awards: Purchase awards will be chosen from the finalists and awarded at the sole discretion of the ARC's Chairman, Fred Ross. Works do not need to be for sale for all other awards. 
Retail prices are shown. 

42 Honorable mentions: Award winners will receive an Award Certificate suitable for framing, and have their winning artwork accompanied by their name displayed on the ARC website.

All Finalists will have their entry accompanied by their name displayed on the ARC website and will also be featured in the 2013-2014 Salon Catalogue.

*ARC reserves the right to adjust awards up or down by a maximum of 20% based on the number of entries received. 

All entries must be submitted by January 15, 2014. There is an entry fee of $50.00 US for the first artwork entered and $42.00 US for each additional artwork. Each entrant will receive one copy of the 2013-2014 Salon Catalogue which is included in their first entry fee. Shipping is an added charge, which can be selected when paying for your entries. If you do not select shipping, you will not receive a Catalogue. If you wish to order Catalogues after the finalists have been chosen, they can be ordered through the ARC Store at the standard price. Artists may enter and win in one or all seven categories; there is no limit to the number of artworks you may enter, and you may enter them in multiple categories. If you choose to enter the same work in multiple categories, the fee for a duplicate entry is $20. If you only enter it in one category and we feel as though it has been put in the wrong category, we reserve the right to move the entry to the appropriate category. It is possible the deadline will be extended for a short time period only, though we will be adding a late charge to entries that come in after the January 15th deadline, so please be sure to get your entries in on time. 

Artists must submit digital files in JPEG format via our online entry form. Glass slides, images on CDs and large format transparencies will not be accepted. All digital images must be at least 1MB in size. If you have a technical problem submitting your entry, or cannot submit via our online system, please contact our Museum Archivist Yvette Lytle at yvette.lytle@artrenewal.org. The competition is open to all those who wish to enter worldwide.

All entries must be original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant within the past 3 years. Representational works in all styles from highly realistic to impressionist to imaginative realism qualify. Acceptable media include: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, sculpture materials, and graphics (graphics refers to all drawing media). Photography, computer generated, and printed art will not be accepted for this competition.Painted over prints are strictly prohibited. ARC Reserves the right to eliminate works if it feels the method of creation is in question. If the nature of the work is in question, ARC will do its best to contact the artist and discuss the technique used before any disqualifications are made. 

By submitting your entry you grant permission to the Art Renewal Center © to reproduce your artwork on the ARC website and in promotional materials, including but not limited to the ARC Salon Catalogue, DVDs, and articles promoting ARC and the Salon. By submitting your entry, you warrant that your entries are original work; conceived and created entirely by you, and that you have read and understand the rules set forth in the competition prospectus. The ARC's Terms and Conditions also apply. Streamline will require the Best in Show Winner to sign its standard artists agreement in order to produce the video and agree to terms of the agreement. If artist chooses not to do it, the prize cannot be exchanged for cash value and cannot be transferred to a third party. Artist must cooperate in the production of the DVD by traveling to the video studio at artists own expense chosen by the producer at the artists expense for air, meals and lodging. (ARC will reimburse up to $2,000 in travel expenses for this purpose.) Due to need to release video in a timely fashion artist must agree to appear for video shoot upon request of producer within 45 days of winner announcement. If artist fails to appear for production within a timely manner ARC and Streamline reserve the right to cancel the video and owe nothing to the artist. ARC and Streamline have their right to cancel the video shoot or not release the video for any reason if they feel the content of the video does not live up to its high standards. 


Artists may enter and win in one or all seven categories; there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.

Figurative: This category includes portraits, formal or informal, groups of people or individuals, and nudes. Oils, color pencil, watercolor and pastels are all acceptable mediums for this category.

Imaginative Realism: Because of the large number of entries, we will be introducing this new category in this year's Salon. This new category will include historical scenes, fantasy, religious, surrealism and science fiction. Portraits and other realist based figurative works will remain in the Figurative Category. As mentioned before, entrants will be able to enter their work in multiple categories as they see fit. 

Landscape: All landscape subjects are acceptable, from cityscapes to seascapes, the real to the imaginary. 

Animals: This category includes all animal art. Any paintings, sculptures or drawings where an animal or animals are the subject of the work.

Still life: From the traditional to the inventive, works may range from a single object to a room's full interior.

Sculpture: The subject matter is open in this category and includes sculptures created in all media. The only exception is animal sculptures which belong in the animal category. 

Drawing: The subject matter is open in this category and may include pencil and graphite drawings, en grisaille oil paintings, as well as charcoal. Color mediums such as pastels and color pencils should be submitted in the respective painting categories, as should watercolors. 

Jury of Awards

This year the Salon will be juried by five members from our Board of Judges, which consists of some of the most well known atelier teachers, artists, and art historians. They are: 

Fred Ross:
 Founder and Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, Ross is the leading authority on William Bouguereau and co-author of the recently published Catalogue Raisonné William Bouguereau: His Life and Works. Ross received his MA in art education from Columbia University. His speeches and essays are read by over 300,000 art professionals, educators, students and fans each year; and have become required reading in countless classrooms. Ross is also a well known collector of 19th century European painting and of Contemporary Realism as well.

Dr. Vern Swanson - Swanson has his PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, England and is the Director of the Springville Museum of Art, Utah, where he has served since 1980. He is a lecturer/scholar/writer and expert on 19th Century European Art and Russian Art through the 20th Century. Swanson is the leading authority on Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward and author of the Catalogue Raisonnés for both artists. In total, the number of books Swanson has published is well into the teens. 

Peter Trippi - Former Director of the Dahesh Museum of Art in Manhattan, Trippi is now the Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, which provides art collectors and enthusiasts with in-depth editorial coverage of historical and contemporary representational art authored by well-known experts. Mr. Trippi is also the leading authority on John William Waterhouse (1849 - 1917) and the author of J.W. Waterhouse, which was published by Phaidon Press in 2002. 

Nelson Shanks - One of the most sought-after teachers and painters in the world and founder of the post-graduate school, Studio Incamminati, Shanks' commissioned portraits include such noted figures as: Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and Bill Clinton.

Michael John Angel - Angel is an ARC Living Master™ and regarded as one of the foremost figurative painters alive today; with his paintings hanging in both public and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic. From 1982 to 1988 he was the Director of the National Portrait Academy in Toronto, Canada, and from 1992 - 1995 the Assistant Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In 1997, his school, the Angel Academywas founded with the assistance of Lynne Barton. Angel Academy is now one of the most successful Atelier Schools in the world, requiring of its students the highest standards of traditional techniques. 

Juliette Aristides - ARC Living Master™ and founding member of the Water Street Atelier with Jacob Collins, Aristides is a recipient of the Elisabeth Greenshields Grant; and founded the Classical Atelier at Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, Washington. She has authored two successful books which have become well received guides for drawing and painting.

Daniel Greene - Greene is is an ARC Living Master™ and a a renowned portrait artist whose work can be found in more than 700 public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution and the White House. Greene was elected to the Pastel Society of America's Pastel Hall of Fame in 1983, and in 1995 received the American Society of Portrait Artists' John Singer Sargent award. In 2001 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Portrait Society of America. Mr. Greene is the author of two definitive books, Pastel and The Art of Pastel which have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. Numerous articles about his work have appeared in the Art News Magazine, Artists Magazine, American Art Review Magazine, American Artist Magazine, Gannett Newspaper, In New York Magazine, International Artist Magazine, McCall's Magazine, New York Daily News, New York Magazine, New York Newsday, New York Post, New York Times, Pastel Journal, Plein Air Magazine , The Christian Science Monitor, The World and I, Where Magazine, Artists and Illustrators Magazine (England) Disegnare & Dipingere (Italy) and Artistes Magazine(France). He has also been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News, New York 1, PBS, and NHK Japan television.

Jacob Collins - Collins is an ARC Living Master™ the founder of the Water Street Atelier, The Grand Central Academy of Art, and the Hudson River Fellowship, which have become vital centers for the realist movement.

Dr. Gregory S. Headburg - Headburg is the Director of the Department of European Art at the world renownedHirschl & Adler Galleries in Manhattan. He was the former Chief Curator of the Wadsworth Antheneum, and was the first professional Director of the New York Academy of Art.

Dr. Gabriel Weisberg - Weisberg is a world expert in French Naturalism and a writer, lecturer, and scholar. He is the author of Against the Modern: Dagnon-Bouveret and the Transformation of the Academic Tradition, and a contributing writer to ARC.

Daniel F. Gerhartz - Gerhartz is an ARC Living Master™ and has been featured in numerous publications including the hardbound book, Creative Oil Painting: Techniques from 15 Master Painters by Stephen Doherty. His teaching credentials include the Scottsdale Institute and his work is included in the permanent collection of the West Bend Art Museum in Wisconsin and the Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama. He also won best in show in the first International ARC Salon. 

Daniel Graves - Graves is an ARC Living Master™. He was a student of Richard Serrin at the Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Art, and studied under Nerina Simi, daughter of the Florentine painter, Filadelfo Simi, a student of Gérôme. Daniel Graves went on to found The Florence Academy of Art in 1991, where he still serves as the Academic Director and a Head Instructor. In April 2008 Daniel Graves and The Florence Academy of Art received the Excellence in Art Education Award from the Portrait Society of America, and their success has allowed them recently to open a second school in Molndal, Gothenberg, Sweden. 

Eric B. Rhoads - Rhoads is the Founder and Chairman of Streamline Publishing, Inc., publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, which provides art collectors and enthusiasts with in-depth editorial coverage of historical and contemporary representational art authored by well-known experts. Rhoads also publishes Plein Air, a magazine focused on representational landscape painting with in-depth coverage of historical and contemporary artworks painted en' plein air and in studio and the Plein Air Convention. The company also produces artist videos with many masters including ARC Living Master™ Max Ginsburg. Rhoads is one of the most painted men in history because of frequent portraits by contemporary realists, which appear in the magazines and his portrait project blog. Rhoads, an entrepreneur, founded the company in 1986 and produces other magazines and conferences. He is a well known author and blogger on art marketing, has released a DVD series for artists on art marketing, and is also a landscape and figurative painter. 

Patrick Wilshire - Patrick Wilshire is the Director of the Association of Fantastic Art, dedicated to the promotion, recognition and elevation of the art of imaginative realism. This genre includes works that were heavily influenced by the storytelling paintings of the 19th century; artists such as Burne-Jones and John William Waterhouse. It is the organization behind the groundbreaking IlluXCon symposium started in 2008, and the Illustration Exchange, the online nexus for collectors of original paintings, drawings and sculpture from this style of realist art. In addition he is the author of Visions of Never: The Collection of Fantastic Art, (2009), The Art of the Dragon: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Paintings (2012), and the upcomingHistory of Imaginative Realism, slated to be released in September 2013. He is also honored to be the guest curator of AT THE EDGE: Art of the Fantastic. The most comprehensive exhibition of imaginative realist art, ever to be mounted in the United States. AT THE EDGE premiered at the Allentown Art Museum in June of 2012.

Julie Bell - is an ARC Living Master™ who was born in Beaumont, Texas. A former competitive bodybuilder, her knowledge of anatomy has allowed her to imbue her figures of humans and animals with grace and strength. Julie's work in the fantasy and science fiction field has appeared on hundreds of book covers, comic books, trading cards, and various collectibles. Her work can be seen worldwide in major advertising campaigns, album covers, posters, and collectibles of all kinds. Every year, she and her husband, Boris Vallejo, produce the highly anticipated Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Fantasy Calendar published by Workman, now in its 33rd year. More recently, Julie has turned her attention to painting wildlife, winning first place in the Animal Category in the International ARC Salon two years in a row. Julie Bell should also be singled out as winning the most awards in any one competition ARC has ever held, in the 2012/2013 Salon winning First Place in the Imaginative Realist Category, First and Third Place in the Animal Category, and two purchase awards. She also received Best Portrait Runner Up, two additional honorable mentions, and has emerged as one of the top artists of her generation.

James Hastie - is a Senior Director of Christie's with over 24 years' experience in the 19thCentury European Paintings and Drawings department. Appointed a Director of Christie's London and Head of Christie's South Kensington's British and 19th Century European Paintings department in 2000, he was instrumental in the redevelopment and success of that sale site. In 2006, James joined the New York team as a Senior Specialist supporting all areas of the team's business-getting activities and appointed Head of 19th Century European Art in 2009. James has also been a Christie's sale and charity auctioneer for over 15 years.

The Art Renewal Center®

The Art Renewal Center® was founded in 1999 for the advancement of traditional, representational art. As a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit educational foundation and one of the Internet's leading art resources, the ARC website contains over 7,000 artists with over 80,000 high-resolution images. Other features include the ARC's annual scholarship competition, which distributes over $30,000 each year, dozens of articles, essays and entire books dedicated to the realist movement that can be read online. The website is currently receiving as many visitors as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, with approximately 5,000,000 regular visitors. ARC Approved™ atelier schools and workshops are amongst the most popular parts of the ARC website, having expanded from just 14 tiny schools with 120 students to today's over 70 schools, programs and workshops with thousands of students. In addition to Atelier Schools, we also host a Living Master and Artist's Gallery, with individual galleries devoted to some of the best Contemporary Realists of the 21st century. If you would like to apply to have your work exhibited on the ARC website, please visithttp://www.artrenewal.org/pages/artistapplication.php to print out an application. It can also be found under our "Home" drop down menu on all the main pages of the website. Do not miss this opportunity to have your work seen by millions of art lovers throughout the world. In addition, we have an ARC Approved Exhibition section of the website, dedicated to exhibitions of classical painters of the past as well as of our Living Masters and Artists. 100% of the proceeds from this competition will be dedicated to the ARC Salon© Scholarship and Museum fund. 

2013-2014 Salon Catalogue 

A full color Catalogue will be published of all award winning entries and finalists. Each entrant will receive one copy of the Salon Catalogue as long as shipping is paid for. You can also pre-purchase additional copies with your entry form. You may also want to pre-purchase a copy of the ARC Salon DVD at a very special price when paying for your entries. 

Pre-publication price per Catalogue: $32, $29 each for 2 or more. (Shipping and handling not included)

Postage Fees: 
 add for 1 Catalogue - $7 for 2 - 10 Catalogues - $15 (flat rate box) 
: add for 1 Catalogue - $20 for 2 - 10 Catalogues - $41 
All other international:
 add for 1 Catalogue - $25 for 2 - 10 Catalogues - $60

Pre-publication price per ARC Salon DVD

Retail $100 pre-order now for $65. The DVD, produced by Streamline Art Video, will be a fully produced and released video DVD showing a demonstration of the top winners technique, an interview with the artist, and other exciting features as well. This price does not include shipping rates which are as follows: 
USA: $7 
Canada: $20
All other international: $25


All entries must be submitted by January 15, 2014. It is possible the deadline will be extended for a short time period only, though we will be adding a late charge to entries that come in after the January 15th deadline, so please be sure to get your entries in on time. 

How to Enter

To enter the Salon you can fill out an application, upload your artworks, and submit your entry fee athttp://www.artrenewal.org/pages/salon_entry_form.php 

If you have any questions please contact Kara Ross at kara.ross@artrenewal.org.

If you are having difficulty uploading your images please contact yvette.lytle@artrenewal.org









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