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Richeson 75 Sanat Okulu "Manzara, Deniz manzarası ve Mimari yapılar 2014 Sanat Yarışması (Son Başvuru: 28 Mart 2014)

Landscape, Seascape & Architecture 2014

Entry Deadline:  March 28, 2014


Jury Results E-mailed on or before: April 10, 2014


Finalists’ Exhibit Agreements due:  April 24, 2014


Receive Finalist Artwork: May 20 - May 24, 2014


Exhibit Dates:  June 30 – July 11, 2014


Finalist Artwork shipped: July 15-20, 2014


Awards: Best In Show - $5,000 cash: First Place in each category will receive a $1,000 certificate for art materials from Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. ; Second Place Award in each category will receive a $500 certificate for art materials from Jack Richeson & Co., Inc.
Only artwork actually shown in the gallery exhibit is eligible for awards EXCEPT for online-only cycles. Merchandise awards have no cash value. Standard shipping for merchandise in the contiguous 48 United States is included in the prize, but charges for remote delivery, special delivery or international deliveries are the responsibility of the winner/participant. Awards will be announced at the opening reception for in-gallery contest cycles and upon web publication of the exhibit for online-only cycles.


The categories for entry are:

1) Oils, Oil Pastels and Acrylic

2) Other Media (Soft Pastels, Drawing/Dry Media, Watercolor, Gouache, Casein, Printmaking, etc.).
Finalists will be selected and invited to participate in the exhibit at the Richeson Gallery in Kimberly, Wisconsin from June 30 – July 11, 2014


Finalists in all contest cycles will be featured in the exhibition book and our on-line Virtual Gallery along with information on the artist including artist’s website URL whether they participate in the exhibit or not.


Awards Juror: The Awards Juror for this competition is internationally renowned artist Heather Coen (website: http://www.artintherockies.com). Judging will be done from the digital images submitted.

mage Preparation: Digital images only are accepted.

?  If the artwork to be entered is more than 8” on any side, please size the image so that the longest side measures at least 8”(2400 pixels) but no larger than 12”(3600 pixels with 300 dpi resolution. If the actual size of the artwork is smaller than 8” on its longest side, the image should be at it’s actual size at 300 dpi resolution.


?  Name the files: Your lastnamefirstinitial_titleofpainting (i.e. smithj_spotthedog). All lower case: Do not put spaces between words in the title.


?  Save the files as a .jpg or .jpeg file at “high” or “maximum” quality (9, 10, 11 or 12). (Hint: If the file size ends up being less than 1MB, it won’t be acceptable  A file size larger than 5MB may be rejected by your email program). It is ok to send images in separate emails. Any images that do not meet these specifications will be disqualified and discarded without being considered by the jurors and the jury fee will be forfeit by the artist. Images should ONLY be of the artwork - do not include matting, frame, etc. in the image – in focus, uniformly lighted and undistorted by camera angle etc. These are the images that will be used if your art is selected for the exhibit book: Be sure they are good! No slides, photographs and/or printouts. Only .jpg,images conforming to these standards will be considered and must be submitted online per instructions posted on our website at http://www.richeson75.com/callforentries.html

Terms & Conditions

Entries: Onlyonline submissions are accepted: See full online entry instructions online athttp://www.richeson75.com/emailentry.html. Mailed or delivered entries onCD/DVD are NOT accepted.

Artists May enter up to 3 works in each category with a maximum of 6 artworks total. (There are twocategories. First is “Oils, Oil Pastels and Acrylic”; The second category is“Other Media” (Soft Pastels, Drawing/Dry Media, Watercolor, Gouache, Casein,Printmaking, etc.). Entry fee is $35 for the first entry and $10 per additionalentry, up to a maximum total of 6 total entries (for instance when entering 3oils (first category), and 1 watercolor and 1 drawing (both in the secondcategory), entry fee would be $35 +10+10+10+10 for a total of $75. ALLCOMMUNICATION FOR THE RICHESON 75 ART COMPETITIONS IS VIA EMAIL. PLEASE ADD THEFOLLOWING ADDRESSES TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS TO INSURE YOU RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS richeson75@gmail.com(competition email) artschool@richesonart.com (gallery email),support@artcontestnow.com. If you have not received notification of juryresults on or before the date listed above, please email richeson75@gmail.com.


Eligibility: TheRicheson 75 Competitions are open to all artists over age 18. All work enteredmust be original in concept/execution and have been created since January 1,2012. No work done in a class, workshop or under supervision is eligible. Workshown previously at Richeson School of Art and Gallery are not accepted.Employees of Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. are not eligible for the exhibit.

An artist IS eligible fora prize in each media entered/juried in, but may only win one prize in eachcategory. Winners of any Richeson 75 Best In Show award are ineligible for anyawards for 2 years following that win.


Artwork Size Restrictionsfor Gallery Exhibits: Artwork IMAGE may not exceed 40 inches inheight or width (not including framing) and may not weigh more than 50 lbs


. Jack Richeson &Co., Inc. reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any work it deemsunacceptable due to poor craftsmanship, inadequate framing or significantdeparture from submitted image representation.


Award Restrictions: Awardamounts are listed for the individual competition cycles. Only artwork actuallyshown in the gallery exhibit is eligible for awards. Merchandise awards have nocash value. Standard shipping for merchandise in the contiguous 48 UnitedStates is included in the prize, but charges for remote delivery, specialdelivery or international deliveries are the responsibility of thewinner/participant.


Prelinimary jurying: Selectionof finalists will be based on digital images. Finalists will be selected by acommittee of qualified art professionals. Awards Jurors will be respected,highly qualified artist/instructors, curators or collectors of note. We prederthe awards jurors view the work hanging in the gallery exhibit, however awardsjurying may be conducted using digital images at Richeson’s discretion. Forin-gallery exhibit cycles, images submitted must represent the actual work tobe delivered to the gallery.  JackRicheson & Co., Inc. reserves the right to withhold awards if jurors deemsubmitted entries to be below minimum standards of excellence. Jury decisionsare final.


Entry restrictions:  If more than 3 entries are sent for onecategory, the first three sent will be considered the entries, the unqualifiedentries will be discarded and the excess entry fee for the unqualified entrieswill not be refunded.


Exhibit Catalogs: Weanticipate that we will publish a full-color hard-cover book catalog of entriessubmitted to this competition (finalists, alternates and a selection of othermeritorious entries).


Presentation (forin-gallery exhibits only): All entries must be suitably framed andwired for hanging (no clips or saw-tooth hangers). Gallery-Wrap canvas orcradled panel is acceptable as long as the sides are neatly painted/finished.No staples can be visible on the sides of the canvas.


Delivery/Shipping (forin-gallery exhibits only): Works on paper must be framed and glazed(Plexiglas recommended). Finalists will ship or deliver works to RichesonSchool of Art & Gallery for the Awards Exhibit. Shipped work must be sentin a reusable container. The artist is responsible for the cost of shipping toand from Richeson’s. Pre-paid labels or a credit card number for returnshipping must be included in the shipping container with the artwork.INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CUSTOMS CHARGES/DUTIES and theappropriate forms for the return of their artwork must be included in theshipping container.


Sales: Workneed not be for sale to be eligible for the exhibition Richeson School of Art& Gallery will make every effort to encourage sale of work available forpurchase. Finalists will receive a consignment agreement. Works will be forsale unless noted as NFS [not for sale] on the entry form. Richeson Art Schooland Gallery will retain a 25% commission for all sales of work from thisexhibition. Payment for sales will be mailed to the artist within 30 days ofthe close of the exhibit.


Liability: For in-gallery exhibits, Artistsshould insure their hand-delivered or shipped work, as Jack Richeson & Co.,Inc. and/or its subsidiaries is not liable for damage to artwork in transit orduring display at Richeson School of Art & Gallery.


Other Conditions: Ifa selected finalist artist for an in-gallery exhibit cycle chooses not to shipor display their work for this exhibit, their work will not be considered foran award, although an image of the work will be included in the exhibit catalogand www.richeson75.com. Artists agree to abide by all contest rules by theirentry. Failure to comply with these rules in any manner constitutes withdrawalfrom the competition. If Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. deems the pool ofentrants insufficient, the competition will be cancelled and all jury fees willbe returned to entrants.

Landscape, Seascape & Architecture 2014
Landscape, Seascape & Architecture 2014




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