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ECO SANAT ÖDÜLLERİ (Güzel Sanatlar-Müzik ve Edebiyat)


 Announcing 2014
 Competition Deadlines & Awards
We are currently accepting Early Bird entries at the discounted rate of $20 per art work until the end of May, 2013.  After May 31st the entry fee will resume to the normal rate of $30 per art work. In the very near future we will be using Juried Art Services for all of our visual entries, as they have a far more comprehensive platform to handle art works. We think all visual artists will be very pleased.
The awards for 2014 will be: One Grand Prize winner receives $2,000. The grand prize winner may come from any one of the four creative categories. Typically we receive double the entries in songwriting as the other categories, however its not the medium that wins but the impact of the message that is sought. We strongly feel that any of the four creative categories has the potential to be give us a grand prize winner! Each of the four creative categories; Songwriting, Fine Art, Literature and Repurposed Materials in Art & Design will have a First Place winner who receives $1,000. Ten finalists will be selected and will receive a finalist award icon and a free page on the soon to be launched site: The Art of Ecology.org. Twenty semi-finalists will also be selected, and will receive a semi-finalist award icon and a fifty percent discount for a webpage in The Art of Ecology.org as will all who enter Eco Arts Awards 2013 and the upcoming 2014 competition. We will no longer have 2nd or 3rd place winners. What we are finding is that to make it to the finals is as good as winning, we just can not afford to give $10,000 away! Maybe one day!
The Art of Ecology.org is still being worked on! This is going to be a new and very exciting showcase site that will feature many artists in a variety of creative mediums. To participate artists will simply submit their artwork via email for review. Once accepted they will receive an email stating their acceptance along with an invoice for the annual participation fee of sixty dollars. If you have already entered Eco Arts Awards you will receive a fifty percent discount! Each artist will have their own web page which will feature up to three images, plus a photo of themselves, a bio, with links to your unique promotional sites. The beauty of this concept is that it will create a strong gathering a creative intention that will generate a lot of interest. The ole term, there is strength in numbers, applies! Thomas Berry who is considered the father of the ecological movement once said, "A completely new type of creativity is needed, this creativity must have as its primary concern the survival of the earth in its functional integrity." We are wanting to facilitate a well spring of creativity, in all its diversity- for the sake of the earth, for the sake of the whole. We hope you join us, stick with us, and basically fully support the process!

An explanation: We have been offline for over 10 days due to computer repairs. Hint: Never drink coffee near your laptop! There is still an inability to access  ecoartsawards email but this should be resolved later today! We profusely apologize for this delay in communication and fully intend to reply to each email, that are sitting somewhere in cyberspace as soon as we can access them!  Another apology:  'The Art of Ecology' site is taking a little longer to build than we anticipated, this is not unusual. We are very certain it will be worth the wait!




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