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Kanada Suluboyacılar Derneğinin- 87. Geleneksel Açık Jüri Seçimli Sergisi (Transparan Suluboya Sergisi) (Son Başvuru: Cuma- 17 Ağustos 2012)


Toronto, Kanada


SON BAŞVURU: 17 Ağustos 2012  
SERGİ TARİHİ: October 23 - November 25, 2012 

BAŞLIK: Açık Suluboya 2012 

SPONSOR: Kanada Suluboyacılar Derneği


SERGİ YERİ: J.B. Aird Galeri, Toronto, ON Kanada

ÖDÜLLER:  10.500 $ dan fazla ödül ve hediyeler.


KOŞULLAR: Katılım Şartları bölümünde İngilizce olarak sunulmuştur.




SASE ve CD GÖNDERİ ADRESİ: CSPWC, 258 Wallace Ave, Toronto ON M6P 3M9 

E-MAİL: The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour   info@cspwc.com 

TELEFON: 416-533-5100 

WEBSİTE: http://www.cspwc.com   

Open Water 2012




1. Artists may submit up to 2 digital images on a CD, however, only a maximum of one painting per applicant may be accepted for exhibition.


2. Sales: a 40% commission is deducted from the sale price. Prices must be in Canadian dollars, and cannot be changed. Artists have the option of having a work "not for sale" but a value of the work must be given for insurance purposes.


3. All paintings must be original, created by the artist who is submitting, and not previously shown in an Open Water Exhibition or at the John B. Aird Gallery. Open Water 2012 is strictly open to submissions painted in transparent watercolour. The society's definition of transparent watercolour is the use of artist's quality watercolour paint used on watercolour paper or watercolour board, with a minimal use of body colour or other accents. This definition does not include ‘varnished' works, works on yupo paper, works rendered on canvas/canvas board, or works printed by mechanical means. Application must be made hand, brush, or any tool by the artist, without mechanical assistance.


4. All work must be framed and equipped with wires, ready to hang. All work must be matted and mats must be acid-free, white or off-white. A coloured inner mat or liner with a maximum width of 1/4 inch is acceptable. All work larger than 32 x 40 inches (framed size) or any work which is shipped to the gallery must be glazed with Plexiglass.


5. The jury and/or the exhibition chair, reserves the right not to hang any painting which does not conform to all the rules of the competition. This includes framing instructions and the medium.


6. If an accepted artist withdraws his/her work after the adjudication, he/she will be ineligible to enter open water exhibitions for three years.


7. Entries that are accepted for exhibition must remain on display until November 16, 2012.


8. Shipping of paintings to and from the exhibition is the responsibility of the artist. This includes shipping costs, brokerage fees and any taxes or duties payable.


9. A $25 exhibition fee will be paid to all artists whose work is exhibited. Prizes must be accepted as awarded.


10. The CSPWC has no control over shippers or the premises at the gallery. The CSPWC cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage to paintings or frames, whether due to negligence or otherwise.


11. Artists must include a standard letter size, stamped self-addressed envelope. CD's will not be returned.


12. Artists should carry their own insurance.


Entry Details
The exhibition is open to any artist, and entry is juried by digital image. Prize-winning paintings will be selected from the original work at the time of hanging.

Image Instructions:

Digital files on CD must be in JPEG format, about 1MB in size and readable on a PC. For further instructions go to the CSPWC website, to FAQ, and download the PDF file. Your file should be named in the following format, (including the commas):
Last Name, First Name, Image Number, Image Title, Height X Width of Image in Inches, Watercolour(wc), Year painting completed.jpg

For example: Smith,Pierre,1,Sunset in Algonquin,22x30,wc,2012.jpg


Please Note:
1. The artist, by submission of entry, grants the CSPWC the right to use the image of the accepted work for publicity, educational and reference purposes.
2. Dates for delivery of accepted work and other particulars will be included in your acceptance notification.
The CSPWC/SCPA sincerely thanks all its sponsors! The awards list has been confirmed at the time of publication, however, the CSPWC/SCPA does not assume responsibility if a sponsor withdraws a prize.



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