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2021 Richeson75 Sanat Okulu Kucuk isler Odul Duyurusu
2021 Awards Announcement
We are pleased to announce the awards for the Richeson75 Small Works 2021 competition, as selected by Awards Juror Sherri Thomas. Her comments about each selected piece can be found next to or below the painting images.

This exhibit is on view at Richeson School of Art & Gallery through April 17, 2021 and can be viewed online at richeson75.com
Honorable Mention
USS McMullen
Oils 12 x 6

by Marc Anderson

"This is a simple subject with complex artistic elements. Thick and thin passages of paint build the impression of light and reflections on the boat. The artist was thoughtful about using a variety of warm and colors to keep the shadows and darker band in the background lively. Use of hard and soft edges was masterfully handled from the sharp edge of the boat’s bow to the soft, dissolved transition between the stern and water."
-Sherri Thomas
57 In a 40
Casein 10 x 8

by Spencer Meagher

"The graphic quality of this image enhances the subject matter in this painting. Limited information in the painting keep the viewer focused on the car, the road, and the speed limit sign which aptly matches its title."

-Sherri Thomas
The Skeptic
Watercolor 4 x 17

by Tony Armendariz

"Wonderful variety of color in the skin tones and values. Thoughtful composition in how the shadow on his shirt balances the head in this closely cropped image. Following his gaze, the viewer is captivated by their need to know more about his story."

-Sherri Thomas
Junior Wrangler
Oils 12 x 12

by Mejo Okon

"Interesting use of negative space moves the viewer’s eye from first seeing the boy, second the pony, and finally to the negative space between the boy’s boot and pony’s head, which leads the eye back up to the boy’s head. This thoughtfully constructed piece shows the skill of successfully planning the composition and the importance of beautifully handled paint application."
-Sherri Thomas

2nd Place Other Media

All Things Bright
Mixed Media 9 x 12

by Matthew Bird

"The contrasting textures are skillfully painted and make this a delight to observe. You can almost feel the roughness of the wood, the smooth metal of the garden tool and the airy fluff of the dandelion seeds. Elements in this still life are beautifully arranged to keep the eye moving throughout it. The touch of royal blue in the lower background completes the painting."

-Sherri Thomas
2nd Place Oils & Acrylic
Shades of Green
Oils, 10 x 8

by Brian Burt

"Masterful use of soft and hard edges holds the artistic quality of this highly realistic painting. Placement keeps the eye moving around the objects. Variety of greens and surfaces are stunningly handled. There’s definitely a story to this painting!"

-Sherri Thomas

1st Place Other Media

Graphite 5 x 15

by Tanja Gant

"This one is worth seeing in person. The way the artist rendered the light and textures makes the silk robe, hair, and skin highly realistic without losing its artistic quality. Carefully considered composition in how the thin overlap of the robe leads the eye upward and opens to her face."
-Sherri Thomas

1st Place Oils & Acrylics

Great Horned Owl
Oils 8 x 10

by Jean-Baptiste Monge

"Juxtaposition between the realistic rendering of the owl’s eyes and face with the loose, impressionistic quality of the feathers and body grabbed my attention. The artist captured the intensity of an owl’s stare through the intentionality of their brushstrokes and the mindfulness of the space they had to use."

-Sherri Thomas
Best in Show
East of Moab
Casein 13 x 9

by Robert Watts

"Looking at this painting, you immediately feel the heat of the day. The illusion of atmosphere is impressively created with a variety of edges, value and color. Beautiful application of the casein paint utilizing its matte quality to further the illusion of atmosphere. The design draws your eye into the painting and the telephone poles in the upper left keep the eye from moving off the painting. Everything about this painting glows and made it a clear choice for best of show."

-Sherri Thomas
Meet the Juror: Sherri Thomas

Calumniating a lifelong love of fine art Sherri Thomas understands the importance of continual growth as an artist, challenging herself to see differently and explore her medium to its fullest. Thomas holds a BA and MBA in marketing and attended the Colorado Institute of Art & Design. Pursuing knowledge from top artists in the field, Thomas has taken workshops from notable artists including Dawn Whitelaw, Scott Christensen and Katherine Dunphy.
Now nationally recognized herself, as an award winning plein air oil painter she enjoys sharing her knowledge and process with eager students. Her dedication to learning, mastering the skill of painting and educating future artists shows her dedication to the fine arts community. Often featuring quintessential Wisconsin landscapes her atmospheric portrayal of the scene captivates the viewer being both relatable and utterly beautiful. 
Congratulations to all the award winners, and thank you to all the participating artists.



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