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Artist name : Gülay KÜÇÜK (SÖNMEZ)

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Biography :



(1970, Ankara)

Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1970, Kucuk graduated from the Ceramic Department of Fine Arts Faculty in Eskisehir Anatolian University. She works on ceramics, sculpture, painting and graphics. The artist currently continues working for an advertising agency and in her own atelier in Istanbul. Kucuk has got a number of awards in painting since her primary school years.


*Emlak Kredi Bank Children Paintings Competition, First Prize (1977)
*Ankara Municipality April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Festival Award (1977)
*India, Children’s Paintings Competition Award (1977)
*Librarianship Painting Competition (1977)
*Anti-smoker’s Painting Competition (1977)
*1st Worldwide Ataturk Children’s Paintings Competition (1978)
*Czechoslovakian Children’s Paintings Competition (1979)
*‘’Telecommunication’’ Competition, First Prize
*‘’Turkish Temperance Society’’ Painting Competition, Second Prize
*‘’Saving’’ Painting Competition, First Prize
*Ataturk and Turkish Revolution Award
*‘’Teachers’ Day’’ Painting Competition, First Prize
*‘’Tourism Slogans’’ Painting Competition, First Prize

The artist opened two personal exhibitions when she was a student at university. She is a member of Ankara Women Painters’ Association.


1990 Ankara Governorship Art Gallery (Painting and Ceramics Exhibition)
1991 Ankara Governorship Art Gallery (Painting and Ceramics Exhibition)
1991 Yunus Emre Leo Club (Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition)
1994 Arel Art Gallery (Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition)
1994 Gallery Z-Ankara (Painting Exhibition)
1994 Desti Art Gallery-Ankara (End of the Year Exhibition)
1994 Milo Art Gallery-Ankara
1994 Ilayda Art Gallery-Ankara
1994 Sheraton-Ankara (Ceramic, Carpet, Kilim, Painting and Antiquities auction)
Kocaeli (Mixed Exhibition)
1995 State Fine Arts Gallery-Antalya (Women Painters’ Exhibition)

The artist worked still life and abstract with oil, Anatolian women’s life and the fantasies of them in her glue and polyester works and directly associated her gouache works with surface works in her paintings. She also made watercolor paintings and landscapes.

There are ceramic idols, abstract sculpture works, promotional works as cups, plates, etc. and wall panels (decorated with tiles and paintings) among her ceramic works.

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