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Artist name : Tülay ÇELLEK

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Biography :



(1955, Gerze-Sinop)


1967-68 Gerze Secondary School,
1971-72 Samsun Girls’ Primary Teacher School,
1974-75 Samsun Institute of Education, Department of Art ( Graphic Major )
1986-87 B.A : Marmara University, Department of Education, Art Teaching
1990-91 M.A : (Degree: Very Good) Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Humanities, Department of Fine Arts, Environmental and Visual Arts Major


1975 – 78: Çanakkale – Ezine High School, Art teacher
1978 – 87 : İstanbul-Eyüp Ebussuut Secondary School, Art teacher
1987 İstanbul-Şehremini High School, Art teacher

1989 İstanbul Anadolu Fine Arts High School, Assistant Director of Art Division and Artteacher.
1997 Yıldız Technical University, Department of fine Arts -Instructor
1998 Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Design, Lecturer


“The Analysis and Interpretation of the Studies on Visual Arts Education in Secondary School “ M.A. Thesis
“Visual Arts Education in Primary and Secondary School”, “Arts Education; Glass” (Books to be printed)
“The Blue in Me”, ”The Purple out of Me” , “In the Eternity of Silence”, “I Wrapped My
Sadness in Love” Poetry Files
AGSL : Prepared the propositional syllabus design and propositional AGSL regulations for the subjects of Basic Arts Education, Drawing, Art Workshop, Graphic Workshop, Statue Workshop

• She has held personal exhibitions and has participated in various mixed exhibitions
• She has won the approval of the schools she worked at.
• She has been a member of the jury in various arts activities.
• Her articles on Arts Education have been published in various magazines and newspapers.
• Seminars on “Visual Arts Educaiton” given to art teachers .
• 1st National Arts Education Symposium – Paper: “The Problematic of AGSL Regulations and Proposals” ( 2000 )
• She has set up darkrooms and started photography lessons in İstanbul Anadolu Fine Arts High School ve Eyüp Ebussuut Secondary School,
• She has prepared a book draft composed of “Basic Design” lesson notes, which has been made use of for “Basic Arts Education” lessons in various institutes.
• She has been giving seminars on “Basic Design and Creativity” in several institutes.


. Salary reward. 4-10-1991 / No.9434 Document no.593
. Certificate of Gratitude T.C.M.E.B. İstanbul National Education Md. Adile Sultan Kasrı Öğr. Evi ve Kültür Mer. 25-6-1993
. Gratitude from Director of İst. National Education . 24-12-1992 / No. 460541
. Gratitude from Director of İst. National Education 1991 / No. 2381
. Gratitude from Director of İst. National Education 18-112-1990 / No.1233
. TC MEB Head of In-service Training. 12-7-1991 / 323
. Honor’s : Average grade for 6 years’ service : 22-5-1996 S:b.08.04.Mem.4.34.1815.241/26175
. Gratitude from Director of İst. National Education 16-5-1997 / No. 181
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* Web site of her lessons : (Under construction

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