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Artist name : Süleyman KARAKUL

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Biography :



(1952, Sarkıisa-Sivas)

Born in E.Huyuk village of Sivas-Sarkisla,Turkey in 1952, Suleyman Karakul graduated from Gazi Educational Institute, Painting Department in 1974. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Gazi University, Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Graphics.

After many years of working as a teacher of painting, he retired in 2001. He has also worked on cartoons, advertising graphics, preparing covers of books and magazines.

The artist who participated in many group exhibitions, also had 16 personal exhibitions. He has received The Painting Labour Award of The Foundation of the 68’s Union.

The artist whose works are in many collections, is currently continuing his work in his private studio.


1991 Metropolitan Municipality Art Gallery-Ankara
1993 Akbank Kizilay Art Gallery-Ankara
1994 Sappho Art Gallery-Ankara
1995 Vakifbank Koroglu Art Gallery-Ankara
1996 Ziraat Center of Culture-Ankara
1996 33. Hacıbektas Culture,Art Activities -Hacıbektaş
1997 Yasar Art Gallery-Ankara
1998 Sekerbank Omer Sunar Art Gallery-Ankara
2000 Ataturk Center of Culture-Ankara
2000 2. Bayat Festival-Afyon
2000 International Congress Anatolian Beliefs-Ürgüp
2000 Basak Sigorta Art Gallery-Ankara
2001 Bilkent Dam Art Gallery-Ankara
2002 Kalkinma Bankasi Art Gallery-Ankara
2003 Is Art Gallery-İzmir
2003 2nd Antalya International Painting Festival-Antalya
2004 İlayda Art Gallery-Ankara
2005 Fine Arts Gallery-Antalya

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