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Artist name : Asım YÜCESOY

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Biography :



(1930, Amasya)

Born in Amasya, Turkey in 1930. He took TSM lessons at the Istanbul Advanced Turkish Music Conservatory.
The artist who graduated from school of printing in the period of 1949-1953,won the entrance examination of Istanbul Radio. But his working life continued at the Ankara Radio. Meanwhile,Yucesoy has got a degree in a competition with his poster which introduces Turkey and getting an invitation from Germany he has gone there. Later Yucesoy completed the picture and graph departments of Frankfurt Staatlicee Kunst Schule successfully and graduated from Prof. Kario Ruppert Atelier in 1963.

Yucesoy who opened the first exhibition which organized by his teacher at City Art Gallery in Frankfurt,worked as a graphic artist there and Berlin. He specialized in Viyana.
Yucesoy met Pablo Picasso in Frankfurt and getting invitation he took the opportunity to meet the famous artist closely at his own castle.
Yucesoy who prefers using only his imagination instead of real model,held many personal exhibitions all over the Turkey. Besides,his paintings have been exhibited in Newyork, Washington and many countries all over the world.
In addition to his musical life, honourable artist Asim Yucesoy has a very active painting life and currently he maintains his work in his own studio with students in Ankara.


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