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Artist name : Sebahat KIRÇAK

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(1945, Hereke)

Born in Hereke, Turkey in 1945, Sebahat KIRCAK studied on Turkish motives on carpet designs at Sumerbank Hereke Carpet Factory for six years after her school ages. After getting married she moved to Ankara. First she studied with Bedia Altinbas at the National Library, then she attended the courses offered by the Ministry of Arts and Culture Education Department and studied illumination and miniature with deceased Omer Faruk Atabek and she took marbling courses from Salih Elhan. Furthermore, time to time the artist worked on marbling with Fuat Basar in Istanbul. She started to work as a trainer in 1995 at the in-courses offered by the Ministry of Education. Sebahat KIRCAK gave illumination courses to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wives’ Association (DMEDD) at Ankara Palace and also gave marbling lessons at the course offered by Britain Ambassadress. The artist currently keeps giving illumination, miniature and marbling courses at her own workshop.

Sebahat KIRCAK, who staged many individual and mixed exhibitions in homeland and abroad, is also a member of Turkish Women Association and Professional Fine Arts Patrons Association (GESAM). Moreover, her works had been deserved to be exhibited at the competition of Turkish Art of Ornamentation Competition organized by the State.

Sebahat KIRCAK is also a stamp painter. In 1999, within the framework of the celebrations of the 700th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Ottoman State, her miniature called ‘’Ottoman Palace Women’’ was printed on a stamp by PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone Office) and her work of illumination called ‘’Signature of Sultan Selim III’’ had been stamped as a first day cover. On the 2000th Anniversary of the Birth of Jesus, on account of the belief tourism as a symbol of love and tolerance of the Turkish-Islamic Culture her miniature called ‘’Mevlana and Whirling Dervishes’’ was printed as a remembrance stamp. Some other works of illumination and miniature of the artist were also stamped as post cards by PTT. Furthermore, she has works printed as posters as postcards too.

Sebahat KIRCAK also took place in the film ‘’The Red’’ that won the prize in the field of short subject film in the Golden Orange Film Festival which was prepared by the students of Ankara University Communication Faculty. This short subject film was shot in the workshop of Sebahat KIRCAK.

The husband and the son of Sebahat KIRCAK are also artists of illumination, miniature and marbling.


1992 Turkish American Association / ANKARA
1995 Kocaeli Intellectuals Association / KOCAELI
1999 Middle East Technical University / ANKARA
2000 Visual Art Gallery / MERSIN
2000 Hereke Municipality Social Institutions / HEREKE
2001 Turkish Treasury Art Gallery / ANKARA
2001 Sebahat Kircak Turkish Art Of Ornamentation Workshop / ANKARA
2002 Euro Centrum-Warsaw / POLAND
2002 Antalya Renaissance Hotel / ANTALYA
2002 Mersin Art Club / MERSIN
2003 Helsingborg Matka Tourism Fair / SWEDEN
2004 1st Vienna Tulip Ball / AUSTRIA
2004 Bahrain Chamber of Commerce / BAHRAIN
2006 TOBB University / ANKARA
2006 Vienna-AUSTRIA

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