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Artist name : Seba UĞURTAN

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Biography :

(1956, Istanbul)

She was born in Istanbul in 1956. She has studied in the Governmental Museum of Art and Statue during her High School years. During her university education she has studied painting with important artists. She was graduated from the Art section of the faculty of Education belonging to 9 Eylul University in 1978. She has worked as an art teacher for 20 years and besides that she has opened an art gallery “Obje”. She has painted without stopping for years.

She has used lively and vigorous brushes in her paintings parallel to her soul.
She has opened a new Gallery with the name of “Galeri Seba” in 1999, and founded Water Group with the artists from her gallery. She has organized many exhibitions within and outside the country.

She has received the secondary world award in the art contest that is organized by the Lilly
Oncology in Great Britain in 2004. She has got the award of fifth and sixth rank in the world in Caterina Medici Art Contest in Firenze.

Who is Seba Ugurtan ?

I have four sisters and four brothers. All of my sisters and one of my brothers in addition to their jobs are also involved in art, they paint pictures.

I have completed my university education in a faculty which trains art teachers. I married when I was twenty, in my last year of the University. I gave birth to my son on the day I have graduated from the university. I started working as an art teacher in İzmir. In my career life I gave education to my students with the conscious of the importance of art and its power of changing human lives to better positions.

Today what I am living now teaches the international unification of art; according to me to be involved in art, painting pictures is just LIVING the LIFE.

I became a cancer patient when I was in thirty. The first suggestion the doctors gave was to protect myself from the chemicals and paints. I was much more effected with this suggestion than my operations or my disease. I didn’t paint for one month and I felt I was progressing for death each day. It didn’t take long for me to act wisely, I took back the paints I have given as presents and started painting. I realized that day that, the period you live is not important when compared to what you have done during this period.

I don’t want to tell you the sad story of cancer which you also know very well. What I want to succeed for thirty years in the city I live in Izmir, and in Turkey is that it is possible for all of the people to feel happy by being involved in art while struggling with their pains.

Using my salary I made pictures everyday that I felt strong. I opened an art gallery, organized art efficiencies and exhibitions. These organizations have shown me the importance of doing good things for human beings. Hundreds of artists made pictures in Izmir streets during these organizations,to show the significance of women in social life and their active importance, I carried the exhibitions to many different places of Anatolia. With my students who give importance to human life and friendship. I founded the Water Group in my gallery.

I didn’t ever had financial expectations from the organizations I have coordinated. Everyday of mine in which I could stand up straight, I gave effort to make people happy and I helped people with diseases. We travelled along in our country as the guests of many city municipalities and mayors. We started the organizations of opening exhibitions in hospitals, we coordinated many contests in different health subjects. We introduced original paintings to people who have never visited any art galleries.

When it was said that I had a small chance of living twenty years ago, I had promised myself that even if this chance is limited with one day I must do something for human beings, because I love people very much.

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