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Artist name : Sabri AKCA

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Biography :



(1936, Sancar-Eskişehir - 2022, Ankara)

Born in Sancar Village of Eskişehir, Turkey, Sabri Akça, started Hamidiye Village Institute in 1948. Passing the talent examination, he entered the Department of Painting at İstanbul Çapa in 1951. After three years later, he started his education at the Gazi Education Institute’s Painting Department.

When he was still a student in the period of 1956-1957, his five paintings were accepted to the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions. The artist who received the award of State Painting in 1980, also was awarded honourable mention in DYO Painting Contest in 1981. His many paintings have been exhibited in special collections in USA, Europe and Turkey.

Sabri Akça started to teach painting that he likes very much at Kastamonu High School in 1957. The artist who has worked at the Gazi Education Institute and Gazi University as a teacher for a long time, was able to concentrate on painting after his retirement. He continued his work in his own studio in Ankara.


He died in Ankara July 08,2022 

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