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Artist name : Reva KABAEL

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(1968, Adana)


She was born in Adana , Turkey in 1968. She graduated from Ankara Gazi University, Faculty of Education Arts and Crafts Department in 1991. During her education, in 1990, she continued her studies on painting in various galleries and studios in the California state of the USA, especially in San Francisco, Monterey and Carmel. In 1993-94, she was in Ottawa and improved her studies as a consequence of her visits, mainly to Canada National Art Gallery and National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

In the first few months in Ottawa, she improved her English skills at Algonquin College and then continued interior design and decoration courses at the same college and she also carried on painting. Reva Kabael is currently teaching arts and crafts in Ankara an elementary school. Her paintings are now in lots of cities in homeland and abroad, such as in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and England. Reva Kabael, who is also a member of Ankara Painters Society and GESAM, continues her paintings in her own studio.


2002 ‘’Authentica’’ Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center-Ankara
2003 ‘’World of Colours’’ Akbank Art Gallery-Ankara
2003 2nd Antalya International Painting Festival-Antalya
2003 ‘’A Love Story’’ Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center-Ankara
2005 ‘’A Breath Like a Dream’’ Nefertiti Art Gallery-Ankara
2008 Yağmur Art Gallery - Ankara



2004 ‘’Love Colors’’ Dedeman Art Gallery-Ankara
2004 Denta Form Art Gallery-Ankara
2004 Cankaya National Education Directorate Teachers of Paintings Exhibition
2004 GESAM –Beypazari/Ankara
2004 GESAM-Ayas/Ankara
2004 GESAM-Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center/Ankara
2005 Ataturkcu Dusunce Dernegi-Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center/Ankara
2005 Artforum Ankara Plastic Arts Fair Ataturk Culture Center / ANKARA (Turkish Paintings Com)
2006 Moda Sea Club İstanbul
2006 ' UNESCO' France Paris
2006 Anatolia Cultur Centre Paris
2006 Turkish Paintings Com. Exhibition Ankara
2006 Denta Form Art Gallery Reva Kabael - Önder Aydın Mixed Exhibition Ankara
2007 BRHD Exhibition Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center-Ankara
2008 CAGSAV 8. Art Days Fair Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center-Ankara

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