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Artist name : Asuman DOĞAN

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ASUMAN and ATANUR DOGAN-Turkish-Canadian watercolorists and sculptors, graduated from the Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey. They began their travels together studying the Anatolian towns and villages of Turkey. The couple have also travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe and taken new and different cultures as the additional subjects for their art. They have exhibited throughout Turkey and in Paris, Zurich and Taipei. A recent three-day show in Okazaki, Japan (2004) attracted more than 300 people. In North America, their work has been exhibited in Victoria, Edmonton, Seattle and Oregon with numerous showings in Vancouver. The couple who began living in Canada in 1993, now have dual citizenship and active members of the ?'Canadian Art Federation'' and "Izmir Watercolorist Association''.


ATANUR's portraits reflect an acute awareness of character. His work is distinguished by a unique rendering of his subject's face and hands. His strong and determined use of dark colours with spots of light and a liberal use of water are both risky and extraordinary for a watercolorist but he achieves amazing results. It is these abilities and techniques, in particular that make his paintings so appreciated and valuable.


A major accomplishment in the Dogan's life, was staging the exhibition "Peace Through Art'' in May of 2004, in Cesme, Turkey. It drew 285 artists from 22 countries who came to share their art and various techniques of watercolour with each other and an international audience.


ATANUR DOGAN was recently selected as one of the five best artists in the world by the Portrait Society of Canada in Toronto and has been invited to demonstrate at the "2004 International Portrait Arts Festival" as their best watercolour artist.




2009 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Prime Gallery People's Choice Award - Toronto/Canada


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