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Artist name : Orhan GÜREL

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(1952, Sivas)

Born in Sivas, Turkey in 1952. The artist who completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara, continued studying at Financial Sciences and Accountancy High School.

The artist began painting with his teacher Esref Uren’s encouragement when he was at High School. Gürel who worked design, caricature and later pastel, began watercolor painting in 1987.The artist who is very fond of watercolor painting, has been drawing soft and poetical paintings .He says that his aim is to introduce watercolor painting and the value of it is to be known in our country.

Orhan Gürel whose works are in many domestic and abroad collections, is a member of Association of Painters and Watercolor Painters Group.


1987 Ankara Governorship Art Gallery-Ankara
1989 Hacettepe University Art Gallery-Ankara
1990 Hacettepe University Art Gallery-Ankara
1992 Gallery Z-Ankara
1993 Gallery Z-Ankara
1994 Gallery Z-Ankara
1995 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
1996 Desti Art Gallery-Ankara
1997 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
1998 Desti Art Gallery-Ankara
1999 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
1999 Desti Art Gallery-Ankara
2000 A Studio-Ankara
2000 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2001 Hacettepe University-Ankara
2001 Kalkınma Bank Art Gallery-Ankara
2002 Gallery Lavi-Ankara
2003 Altamira Art Gallery-Mersin
2003 Bakraç Art Gallery-İstanbul
2003 An’Art Gallery-Ankara


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