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Artist name : Naci DOĞAN

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(1961, Erzincan)


Born in 1961 in Erzincan.
Graduated from industrial high school.
Naci Doğan has started painting in 1981.
He also worked in painter Kayıhan Keskinok's atelier.
In his early years of art, he used different types of paint like shoe polish to ink, because of economic reasons and also in the search of passion. Therefore, he improved his self-style in painting and also his own colour and light perspective.

In his later art life, he took off the white colour from his palette, completely, and after his retrospective exhibition in 2003, he claimed that, the style he improvised is a new method called "spectrum painting". Academicians did not resist to this idea, but on the other hand, they did not comment on this. Colour painting is based on contrast colours, but spectrum painting is based on contiguousness of colours.


State Fine Arts Gallery, 1990
Yükseliş College Exhibition Hall, 1991
Isbank Meşrutiyet Art Gallery, 1991
Municipality of Çankaya, Meşrutiyet Art Gallery, 1992
Municipality of Beyoğlu Art Gallery-İstanbul, 1994
Barometre, İstanbul, 1994
Milo Paint and Sculptural Gallery, Ankara, 1997
T.C.Z.B. Mithatpaşa Culture Center, Ankara 1999
Turkuvaz Art Gallery, Ankara, 2000
Milli Piyango Talih Kuşu Art Gallery, 2001
Municipality of Çankaya Modern Arts Center, Ankara, 2003


Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture, Yunus Emre Painting Competition
Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture, 58. National Painting Competition
Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture, 59. National Painting Competition
1. TRT Painting Competition


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