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Artist name : Mubeccel Leylabadi CALTOLU

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(1926, Ankara - Feb. 2018)


Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1926, Mubeccel Caltolu graduated from Cemal Tollu’s Studio in the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1953. During her studies the artist had the opportunity to take part in the 11. State Picture and Sculpture Exhibition organized by The Ministry of Culture. She also participated in a project called ‘’Seven Men Exhibition’’ at the French Consulate in Istanbul, organized by her teacher and artist friends.

Caltolu has been to various European countries and USA in addition to Iran-Tehran
and so she had plenty of opportunity for visiting the exhibitions and studying the works of international artists at the museums. She won an international prize of the Iranian Oil Operating Companies with her work ‘’Fishermen’’ which was published in a calendar then. Besides, three of her works were shown at the grand opening exhibition of the Iran-Baghestan Museum in Tehran.

The artist who has worked and lived in Turkey since 1982, has had numerous solo exhibitions and also participated in group exhibitions. An important venue for her, was attendance at U.S. Turkish Art CO-Exhibitions in Newyork and Washington in 1994, where participants mostly invited from graduates of Mimar Sinan University and sale of her artwork. That gave her an opportunity to introduce her art and country to the American public.
Caltolu whose artworks consist of composition of modern figurative motives of landscape, portrait and still life, uses mainly acrylic and oil paint. She is also a poet and some of her poems have been published in various journals and magazines. They were published in a book entitled ‘’Do Not Blemish The White’’ in 2000.

In 2007, Caltolu opened two personal exhibitions in Ankara National Lotary Art Gallery and Istanbul The Marmara Hotel.

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