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Artist name : Kemal ULUER

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(1960 Ankara - 2001 Ankara)



Kemal Uluer, was born in Ankara on November 11th,1960. During his secondary education, he was diagnosed with myopathy, a disease of muscle or muscle tissue, and became confined to a wheel chair. In his high school years, the disease got more complicated. He used to say "It made me reach the power inside myself." In those years, he intensified his efforts to paint pictures. After graduating from Yenimahalle Endustrial and Vocational High School, Mechanical Drawing department, he both started to work and entered Ankara University, Social Sciences' Faculty, Social Politics Department. He finished university in 1987, but he did not take his diploma as a protest since there were no arrangements for physically handicapped people to facilitate their lives but still, "the tuition" was to be paid by the handicapped.

About ten years ago, Kemal Uluer told his relatives the idea which started to be shaped by him in the university years; he would wind up everything after finishing the last 10 paintings. At the beginning of the year 2000, Uluer secluded himself in his room and without seeing anybody for 91 days, he painted 9 out of 10 pictures which he had planned to finish. Having wrapped them up in paper, he wrote down the note "This item cannot be opened before 2002" on each of them and sealed them. He painted his last picture about 1,5 years later on December27th, 2001 and ended his own life as he had promised himself years ago.

In the exhibitions under the titles taken from the notes left by him, Uluer paintings has attracted many people since his death.

When he was alive, he would open exhibitions of his paintings and give them to his friends and relatives as presents. Also, he would help the poor students contributing his income to their education for years.

After his death, the first exhibition of Kemal Uluer who said farewell to his life in the seclusion of his room painting his last picture, titled ‘’The Colors of a happy Death’’, opened in Ankara in October, 2002. The second one titled ‘’My name is Happiness’’ opened in Istanbul-Ortaköy Kültür Merkezi and the last one that has the title ‘’I am always with you’’, opened in Ankara Cagdas Sanatlar Merkezi on November 17th 2003. In this retrospective exhibition, Uluer appeared in front of art lovers with his personal and artistic development; some parts of his life, his sources of inspiration and the stages having influenced him.

In Istanbul exhibition, in the opening of which Kurtalan Ekspres gave an exclusive concert and Sunay Akın, the poet and author, recounted "the Narration of Kemal Uluer", approximately 100 paintings by the artist were brought together. In Uluer exhibitions neither there is any sponsoring firm nor the pieces are sold.

Kemal Uluer's diaries, which he wrote by the time he died and finished with the statement "My Name is Happiness," and his last 10 paintings were published by Yapı Kredi Yayınları titled "Life Right Beside My Head – The Diary Of a Happy Death / Başucumda Hayat - Mutlu Bir Ölümün Güncesi." 32. Gün team produced a documentary on his life and paintings to be broadcast on CNN Turk.


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