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Artist name : Ali VERDİYEV

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Biography :


(1936, Baku)


Everybody is born and dies in a same way, but everybody has a different lifestyle. My origin is not from monkey as Charles Darwin said. I was born in 1936 in Baku as a human. People have made both profit and harm out of me and vice verse.

You can’t imagine what I have seen through my life. I lived during the World War 2 that was the era of Stalin and Hitler. I met Picasso, American painter Refrejiye and also 154 year- old Şirali father who lives in Lerik.

As we live, life both beats and loves us. But rather we create troubles, rarely little happiness by ourselves.
Why is the human happy or unhappy generally? I found green, broken bottle piece in the street when I was a child. By looking at the world through this bottle piece I saw it in a happy colour. But when my family saw that bottle piece accidentally, they threw it out. At that time I become sad and broken. Then, where is the happiness? Finding it in your own self is very difficult and finding it in another place is impossible. People say that: Clever people can see the things, which silly people can’t see by looking for in the world, in their home.

Famous Italian painter Vosneniani hadn’t gone out of the city he lived, moreover he hadn’t been to Rome, the capital city of Italy. But the world knew his paintings.

One day when Socrates was lecturing about philosophy apple vehicle was fallen over near him. The people listening to him ran after the apples. A few people continued to listen to him. In the meantime some people were trying to fill their pockets with apple and some of them were trying to fill their head with knowledge. People are different. Fortunately, I loved painting picture. This love is my eternal happiness. It is very difficult to break off from the captivity of art but being a captive like this is a big happiness.

I graduated from Azimzade Azerbaijan State Painting School. Then I entered Painting Academy in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). After that I finished Leningrad Painting University called Muhina. I was very lucky. I lived in Saint-Petersburg for nearly ten years. This magnificent city was fascinating the young with its unique architecture and the collection of museum. The city was directing the human’s spirit and brain into beauty with its fascinating atmosphere. In this city I had painting courses from the most gifted painters. Now I want to give main short chronology to exit from the boring chronology. You don’t have to read here.

It is said that:“Book is valuable for us because; it starts and ends the conversation according to our will.” I worked as a teacher in Baku and Azimzade Painting School after I was educated ten years in Saint Petersburg. 1970-LIKBEZ ‘I had the award of The Youth Association According to Table’. I became the member of USSR Painters Association.

1971-1974 I worked in the workshop of “USSR Painters Academy”
1976- “Divergent in Labor” USSR Medal.
1977- I worked as an instructor in Azerbaijan Fine Arts State University.
1982- I had the title of “State Artist”
1986- Associate professor
1989- The membership of the board of International Friendship Organization.
1991- The membership of Painters Association, Chairmanship of Art Fund.
1991- The Best Painting of the Year award.
1995- Jury Membership of International Painting Council, ABD that year, I moved to Istanbul with my family.
1997- I was invited to the Erciyes University Fine Arts Faculty.


My paintings were exhibited in 28 countries. (USSR, USA, Italy, France, England, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Vietnam etc.)

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