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Artist name : Güzin ARISOY

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Biography :


(1954, Gumushane) 


People want to know themselves and try to reflect their own characteristics. In order to answer the question of ‘’Who am I?’’, one should go back to the childhood years. Güzin Arisoy grew up in a city surrounded by deep valleys and tremendous mountains, which are one of the greatest gifts of nature.


She had the opportunity to know and explore nature closer. Being inspired by the four seasons, she hits the road with paint and a brush with such an enthusiasm that even surprises herself. She paints with the purpose of keeping both nature and her memories alive while freezing the flying time. Memories are opened and the trees become humans. She shares her feelings with color. What she really wants to do is to reflect objects existing somewhere between dreams and realities on her canvas. She wants to share the coming breezes through compositions with rough brush blows.

Artist Lütfü Günay, describes Arisoy’s works in these words:’’Has her own nature been created by Güzin or the nature created Güzin?’’

Güzin Arisoy, who graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Gazi, attended Lütfü Günay, Nihat Tandogan, Nüset Islimyeli and Asim Yücesoy ateliers.


Two paintings of Arisoy have been taken for Bilkent University Hamiye Çolakoğlu Museum.

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