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Artist name : Gülseren SÖNMEZ

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(1946, Ankara) 


After 26 years career as a teacher, the artist retired and has trained up artist candidates in various galleries and also in her own studio for 20 years.

The artist who describes herself as a commentator of nature relates women's fantastic world in a surrealist style. She uses watercolor,oil painting,pastel and marbling as a technique.

She has attended 83 personal and more than 600 group exhibitations.The artist's works exist at public and private institutions in many countries of the world.(America,Spain,Germany,Italy,Saudi arabia,Switzerland,etc...)


The artist who is a member of Union of Painter and Sculptors Association,took place in American Who's Who Encyclopedia in 1989,Turkich Plastic Artists Encyclopedia in 1999 and Turkish Who is Who Encyclopedia in 2004.

She is the first adopted Turkish woman painter at Women Artists Museum in the U.S.A

On the other hand in Germany the artist painted prosthesis eye irisis in 1970s.In 1980s she has prepared 10 Turkish language book in turkish for workers' children who live in Germany.She has painted 10 children story books for Keskin Yayinlari and she has a book named, "Gelenekselden Günümüze EBRU" , about marbling which was published by Inkilap Yayin Evi. And also 10 different children marbling books are ready to be published.


The artist stages exhibitions and had marblings done in Kosova Prizren country, 2004 (for ministry of arts and culture), in Russia - Moscow,2007 (for Turkey Ambassadorship), in the programme of EXPO Spain - Zaragoza, 2008 (for ministry of tourism and culture), in Ukraine - Odessa, 2008 (for Istanbul municipality) .


In 2009 in the Ukraine Odessa (for istanbul municipality). In 2010 in Sweden Kopennag (for ministry of arst and culture).In 2011 in Turkmenistan ,Aksaabat (for ministry of arts and culture). In 2011 in Georgien, Tiflis .In 2014 in Belgium ,Brussel.(for ministry of arts and culture and Ankusat association)


She had two rewards from 1st world's marbling day in istanbul and from 2nd world's marbling day in Gaziantep. And in the second world's marbling day the world's record was beated.(76m x47 cm).She took part in the 3rd world's marbling day in Trabzon. Also she took part in the exhibitations in Trabzon(two times), Corum(2011-2013),Amasya(2011), Ankara(2013) as a panelist and a marbling artist. She joined the exhibitations in istanbul named Erguvan which are organized every year.


Her exhibitation named existed Çanakkale Ruhu Savaş Barış Sanat on 18th March 2015 in Bandırma and then in marbling exhibitation was performed at ASO in April 2015. She has got marbling,drawing and children books which are ready to edition.


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