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Artist name : Doğan AKÇA

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(1936 - 2007 Mersin)

Dogan Akca, born in Mersin in 1936, stated his artistic life during his school years.
The joy of earning money stopped him from fulfilling his art studies. It was only 31 years later that Dogan decided to follow up his artistic traits again. Then, at the age of 52-53 it was impossible to obtain any education. But nevertheless in 1990 with the help of our valued artist Hasan Kavruk, Dogan came to Mersin and learnt how to paint with oils, and continued to work with pastels, water colours and pencil. It was in 1990 that the magic of art overwhelmed him and in 1992 he opened his first exhibition in Mersin.

In 1994 Dogan left his working life and prepared his own workshop devoting all his time to painting.

Dogan with only the few lessons he took at school continued painting without participating in any art course or workshop. But starting from Nuri Abac, and other valued artists like Hasan Kavruk, Ercan Gülen, Etem Caliskan, Hüseyin Sevim, Ethem Aydin, Kayihan Keskinok, Gencay Kasapci and Hasan Pekmezci, who criticized and evaluated his work, Dogan was led to improve his own style.

Since 1992, following the advice of Hasan Pekmezci who had said ‘’keep working like this’’ when referring to Dogan bird’s eyes view pictures, Dogan has viewed the whole world through the eyes of a stork or crow.

In 1999 Dogan opened the Altamira Gallery with his old friends, the late Gazanfer Ugural, artist Ahmet Yesil, photographer Bülent Akbas and Gallery co-ordinator Sühendan Simsek. Not affected by the economic crisis Altamira Gallery remains opened and unchanged today.

Up to date Dogan has held over 30 private exhibitions in Mersin, Ankara, Istanbul, Adana and Bodrum and has displayed his pictures in numerous assorted exhibitions. Dogan is married with two sons, with one grandchild per son, and his main ambition is to have his grandchildren proud of their artist grandfather.

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