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Artist name : Davit UGHRELIDZE

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Biography :


(1959, Gergia)

Born in Gergia in 1959, he started painting when he was a child. Being awarded with honour prize at an international painting exhibition in Tokyo in 1972 while he was still very young encouraged him and after then he has always been surrounded with art.
He graduated Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. Along with illustrating books and sculpting, he worked as set painter in theaters.

He has been living in Turkey since 1996.He set up more than 20 exhibitions and his paintings are in private collections in Georgia, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Israel, Holland, England and Turkey.


1996 Gözde Sanat Galerisi
1997 İş Bankası Sanat Galerisi
1998 Antalya Müzesi
1999 Gözde Sanat Galerisi
1999 Nefertiti Sanat Galerisi
2000 Kalkınma Bankasi Sanat Galerisi
2001 Nefertiti Sanat Galerisi
2001 Kalkınma Bankası Sanat Galerisi
2002 Nefertiti Sanat Galerisi
2002 Bodrum Marina Sanat Galerisi
2003 Nefertiti Sanat Galerisi
2003 Milli Piyango Sanat Galerisi
2003 Uluslararası Artistanbul Sanat Buluşması
2004 Kalkınma Bankası Sanat Galerisi
2005 Nefertiti Sanat Galerisi
2005 Piano-Piano Sanat Galerisi
2006 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı
2006 Ankara Sanat Fuari
2007 Stillife ART Sanat Galerisi
2007 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı
2007 Ankara Sanat Fuarı
2008 Stillife ART Sanat Galerisi

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