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Artist name : Cemal GUVENC

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(1925, Diyarbakir - May 23, 2013, Ankara)

The artist who was born in Diyarbakir / Turkey, graduated from the Department of Painting of Gazi Education Institute. Cemal Güvenç who taught painting in various high schools (Ankara Gazi High School, TED Ankara College etc.), is the one of the master watercolor painters in Turkey. The artist who is a charter member of the Watercolor Painters Group, is a landscape painter who chooses the nature as the subject of his paintings and he usually works in the nature.

Cemal Güvenç held his first art exhibition in 1960 and he has held over 50 personal exhibitions since then. He has not only participated in many group exhibitions and State Picture and Sculpture Exhibitions in homeland, but also his five paintings have been exhibited in an International Exhibition which was organized by California Alexanders Art Studio in 1962.

The artist’s many paintings have been exhibited in special collections in homeland and at abroad and one of his watercolor paintings has been taken for scarf design by Vakko. The artist is currently working in nature.


1973-State Picture and Sculpture Exhibition Watercolor Achievement Prize.
1975-DYO Painting Contest Honorary Mention
1988-General Directorate of Forestry 1st Painting Contest Honorary Mention
1991-Inebolu municipality Honorary Fellow Countryman Title
1996-Akcakoca Municipality Honorary Certificate
2000-50th Artlife Honorary Plaquette by Ministry of Culture


1960-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1962-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1963-Turkish American association, Ankara
1967-State Fine Arts Gallery, Ankara
1970-State Fine Arts Gallery, Ankara
1977-State Fine Arts Gallery, Ankara
1979-Gallery Evren, Ankara
1980-Is Bank Art Gallery, Ankara
1980-State Fine Arts Gallery, Bursa
1980-Leonardo Gallery, Ankara
1982-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1982-The Turco-British Association Art Gallery, Ankara
1983-Gallery Z, Ankara
1985-Is Bank Art Gallery, Ankara
1985-Ofis Akbank Art Gallery, Diyarbakir
1985-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1986-Doku Art Gallery, Ankara
1987-Lale Gallery, Ankara
1987-Destek Art Gallery, Istanbul
1987-Is Bank Art Gallery, Parmakkapi-Istanbul
1987-State Fine Arts Gallery, Kayseri
1988-Midas Gallery, Ankara
1988-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1989- Art Production, Ankara
1989-TED Ankara College Graduates Association, Ankara
1990-Is Bank Art Gallery, Erenkoy-Istanbul
1991-Is Bank Art Gallery, Ankara
1980-State Fine Arts Gallery, Bursa
1991-State Picture and Sculpture Museum, Ankara
1992-Milli Piyango Talih Kusu Art Gallery, Ankara
1992-Turkish American Association, Ankara
1993-Dora Art Gallery, Ankara
1993-Netsal Marina Art Gallery, Marmaris
1993-SSK Art Gallery, Ankara
1994-Sekerbank Art Gallery, Ankara
1995-Is Bank Art Gallery, Ankara


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