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Artist name : Bünyamin CUMURCU

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Biography :


(1951, Elazig)


Bunyamin Cumurcu, who was born in Elazig, Turkey, graduated from Teachers’ Training School in 1972. After twenty-five years of working as a teacher, he retired in 1998.

The artist, who was involved in painting during his education and throughout his professional life, worked not forming his style for years. He has considered that period of time as ‘’searching period’’. Because he has aimed to bring a change to the art as subject or technique. Finally, he got the opportunity to recognize stone when he worked at a mountain village. The fascinating colours of stones held his attention and he decided to use them on painting. It took him up to five years time to make tests with stones.

Then the artist has held many solo exhibitions to introduce his works of art to artistic circles and his paintins have been watched with a great pleasure and interest. He has taken part in many mixed exhibitions in addition to twenty-five personal exhibitions.

The artist, who is a member of GESAM, currently works in his own studio in Izmir.


1994 Akbank Art Gallery- Ordu
1994 Firat University Art Gallery- Elazig
1995 State Fine Arts Gallery- Şanlıurfa
1996 State Fine Arts Gallery- Malatya
1996 Plane Culture Centrum- Bursa
1997 Municipality Center of Culture - Elazig
1999 State Fine Arts Gallery- Eskisehir
1999 State Fine Arts Gallery- Mersin
2000 Press Museum- Istanbul
2000 State Fine Arts Gallery- Elazig
2001 Painting Sculpture Museum- Izmir
2003 Center of Culture-Kutahya
2003 Municipality Center of Culture -Afyon
2003 Nefertiti Art Gallery-Ankara
2003 Ege University Campus Culture Center- Izmir
2004 Turkey Kalkinma Bank Art Gallery-Ankara
2006 Vakifbank Atakule Art Gallery - Ankara


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