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Artist name : A.Yasar SERIN

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(1948, Sivas)

He was born in Sivas, in 1948. He finished primary, secondary and teacher training high school in the
same city. He worked as a primary school teacher in various regions of Turkey.

In 1974, he entered Istanbul Atatürk Education Institute, art teaching division. He graduated from this division in 1977. After his graduation, he worked as a art teacher at the ministry of education’s secondary schools.

In 1986, he started to work as a lecturer at Cumhuriyet University. In 1987, he got his M.phil degree from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, Buca Education Faculty, Art division and after that, in 1990, he got his PhD degree from at Konya Selcuk University, Social Studies Institute.
In 1997, he started to work as an Assist, Professor at Cumhuriyet University, Education Faculty, Fine Arts Departmant. Mr. Serin is stil working in the same position. Mr Serin is married with three children.

He has many publications and articles which are published and distributed both in Turkey and abroad. He has a coursebook called “The Art of Writing” which is taught at secondary schools. He also designed “The
monument of Asık Veysel” at Cumhuriyet University.

In 2000, he participated “The first international learning and teaching symposium” in Istanbul Marmara
Education Faculty with a comminique, in 2002, he participated “The first Antalya Art Festival” with an open-air art exhibition and in 2003, he attended “Postgraduate Education Symposium with a

He pretented many personal and mixed exhibition and also he holds a large collection of art works both
nationally and internationally.


1. 4 September 1984, Dört Eylül Congress Hall Art Gallery, SİVAS
2. 20 January 1990, Fine Arts Galery, SİVAS
3. 5 March 1990, Municipality Art Galery, GAZİANTEP
4. 10 September 1991, Municipality of Üsküdar Art Galery, ISTANBUL
5. 18 February 1992, Akbank Art Galery, BALIKESİR
6. 24 November 1992, Akbank Art Galery, TRABZON
7. 2 April 1993, Akbank Art Galery, KONYA
8. 28 October 1993, Akbank Art Galery, ISPARTA
9. 3 October 1994, Buriciye Art Galery, SİVAS (dedicated to Rauf Denktaş)
10. 15 June 2000, Park Centre Art Galey, ISTANBUL
11. 4 November 1998, Exhibition on internet,


1. 28 May 1985, Zafer Passage, ANKARA
2. 26 October 1987, German Culture Institute, IZMIR
3. 1 June 1997, İnönü University Art Galery, MALATYA
4. 18 February 1997, Akbank Art Galery, BALIKESİR (with the members of Gesam)
5. 8 April 1997, Ofis Art Galery, DİYARBAKIR
6. 10 June 1997, Cumhuriyet University Art Galery, SİVAS
7. 9 March 1998, Gayret Muhribi Art Galery, KOCAELİ (with the members of Gesam)
8. 11 May 2001, Zafer Passage, ANKARA (with artists from SİVAS)
9. 20 May 2002, Contemporary Arts Galery, ANKARA (with artists from SİVAS)
10. 3 June 2002, Metro Art Galery, Taksim, ISTANBUL (with artists from SİVAS)
11. 22-28 March 2004, Zafer Passage, ANKARA (7th world of Turks Art Exhibition)

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