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Artist name : Ayten MUNGAN

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The artist Ayten Mungan Polat was born in İzmir and  graduated from  Buca Education Faculty, History department. Her painting studies have began paralel to her poetry studies. The artist is trying to tell in a sprituel and abstract way with her own symbols the impressions of life on her  and the life itself, not  belonging  to certain  line, drawing ,ruling in her pictures. The artist is painting with difficult materials to apply on and telling creation, women figures, metamorphosis and re-enkarnation  ornamented  with colours on her pictures.


The artist  determines that her aim is to catch the universality on her work of art and also aims  to have an the effect on her viewers by creating love, happiness, metamorphosis waves , to abolish intolerance and  aims to contribute them  for completing their spritual construction by going  on adventure to their own internal world . Her work of arts take place various collections.


PRİZE : 2005 ,66th Painting and Sculpture Contest of Cultural Ministery of Turkey  , honorable mention


1998 Ozdere International Culture and Art Festival / IZMIR
1998 ‘’Teachers’ Day’’ Mixed Exhibition, Painting and Sculpture Museum / IZMIR
1999 Ozdere International Culture and Art Festival / IZMIR
2000 Ozdere International Culture and Art Festival / IZMIR
2000 Aditya Art House / IZMIR
2001 ‘’ Peace’’ Mixed Exhibition / ISTANBUL
2001 Personal Painting Exhibition / IZMIR
2002 Turkish State Railways Exhibition Hall / IZMIR
2002 Ozdere International Culture and Art Festival / IZMIR
2002 ‘’Teachers’ Day’’ Mixed Exhibition, AKM / IZMIR
2003 Airplane Culture Center Art Gallery / BURSA
2003 Cakabey Culture Center (Old Church), Cesme / IZMIR
2003 Iletisim Art Gallery / IZMIR
2003 State Fine Arts Gallery / CANAKKALE
2004 Kup Kafe Art House / ISTANBUL
2004 TOMER Art Gallery / IZMIR
2004 Caddebostan Teachers’ House / ISTANBUL
2004 State Fine Arts Gallery / ANTALYA
2004 Cesme Archaeological Museum Art Gallery, Cesme / IZMIR
2004 Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Art Gallery / IZMIR
2005 Fethiye Municipality Art Gallery, Fethiye / MUGLA
2005 Alacati Culture Center, Cesme / IZMIR
2005 Is Art Gallery / IZMIR
2005 State Fine Arts Gallery / ISPARTA
2006 Chamber of Commerce Art Gallery / IZMIR
2006 Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Competition Exhibition / ANKARA
2006 Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Competition Exhibition / IZMIR
2006 Rassegne D’arte Roma / ITALY
2006 Saint Sophia Museum / ISTANBUL
2006 Akyaka Kültür Merkezi Yücelen Otel /MUĞLA
2006 Ankara Ziraat Bankası Kuğulu Sanat Galerisi /ANKARA
2006 Ege Bölgesi Sanayi Odası Sanat Galerisi/İZMİR
2007 Çeşme Arkeoloji Müzesi Sanat Galerisi /ÇEŞME
2007 Aydın Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi /AYDIN
2007 Ege Bölgesi Sanayi Odası Sergi Salonu / İZMİR
2008 Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi Sergi Salonu / Kadıköy İSTANBUL
2008 Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezi Sergi Salonu / Ataköy İSTANBUL

2008 Çanakkale Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi  /ÇANAKKALE 

2009 Bülent Ecevit Kültür Merkezi KARTAL/İSTANBUL 


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