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Artist name : Fatma Elvin OZTURK

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Biography :



(1977, Izmir)      


Born in İzmir in 1977, Elvin Ozturk completed her primary and secondary education in different cities all over Turkey. After secondary education, Ozturk graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Engineering in Ege University. She also studied in School Teaching and Pedagogic Formation at Faculty of Arts in Ege University. Moreover, Ozturk attended certificate programmes in English at School of Foreign Languages in Ege University and Computer Programming in Ege University. In following years, she graduated from Department of Public Relations in Anadolu University. She completed Selling and Marketing Techniques Certificate Programme, WWHR ( Women for Women's Human Rights Training Programme) and EKAM (Ege University School of Politics). At the moment, Ozturk is studying at second grade in the Department of Insurance and Banking in Open Education Faculty in Anadolu University.


Ozturk's engagement with art and literature has begun in her childhood times. After starting painting with her artist-mother Nukhet Bagra Erensoy, Ozturk continued painting in her own workshop. In order to develop her knowledge of painting, she went to Kosovo and worked in Ethem Baymak's workshop who is an important and sophisticated name of Balkans at several times within one year. Meanwhile, Ozturk attended exhibitions held in several cities of Kosovo. Besides, she took part in Meeting of Artists in Skopje. In August, 2010 she held her own exhibition in Ohrid, Macedonia. In 2011, she held another exhibition in Karsiyaka, İzmir. Within the body of Kosovo Wake-up Art Festival, she held her third exhibition in May, 2011. She attended ‘Aydın International Artists Group Painting Exhibition' and ‘Marmaris International Artists Meeting Group Paiting Exhibition' in June, 2011, ‘Negotino, Macedonia International Artists Group Painting Exhibition' and ‘Bitola International Artists Group Painting Exhibition' in July, 2011. Attending many art festivals, panels, group painting exhibitions and colonies within country and abroad, Ozturk's works can be found in collectors from Turkey and abroad.


Ozturk, with her style of painting with mixtures created by herself and applications of sgrafitto and painting technique on a sand fabric, is well-known for being ‘Artist of Sands' with her series called ‘Sand Reflections'. Continuing her paintings in her personal workshop, the artist is sensitive to social problems of Turkey. Therefore,  Ozturk is being a member of many Non-Govermental Organizations.


Ozturk wrote a book consisting of her own poems released under the name of MUSTY LOOKS / IN HER THREE THIRTIES by Kosovo Turkish Artists Organization Publications in 2010. In year of 2011, her second book, IN'SIDE, consisting of an anthology by 24 poets who are members of Poem Theatre Community was published. The preparation for her third book has been completed and it is planned to be released at the end of this season.


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