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(1975, Trabzon)


He was born in Trabzon in 1975. He finished his primary, secondary and high school education in Trabzon. He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Art Teaching in 1999. He is still working as an art teacher in an elementary school. Artist, who has works in national and international collections, maintains his works in his studio which is called "Third Eye Art House".

He is member of  International Association of  the Plastic Arts. And also he has some illustrations on book covers. He has six personal exhibitions in Trabzon, seven personal exhibitions in Ankara, seven personal exhibition in Istanbul, one personal exhibition in Bursa, he has mixed exhibitions which are over then forty  and he joined seven art expositions.




1997   Trabzon State Fine Arts Gallery

1999   Trabzon Fine Art Gallery-Üçüncü Göz(Third eye)
2001   Trabzon State Theatre Exhibition Hall
2002   Trabzon State Fine Arts Gallery
2002   Ankara Bilkent Dam Art Gallery
2003   Ankara İlhan Art Gallery
2004   Trabzon State Fine Arts Gallery
2005   İstanbul Küyad Art Gallery
2005   İstanbul Myrina Art Gallery
2006   Ankara Stilife Art Gallery
2006   Trabzon 7th  International Blacksea  Theatre Festival " For the children' benefit"
2007   Ankara, Ankart- Ankara Art Fair, Dega Art Gallery
2007   Ankara Dentaform Art Gallery
2008    Ankara Art Meeting - Doruk Art Gallery
2008   Baykuş Art Gallery - Bursa
2008   Bosphorus Harbiye Military Museum Art Fair - Ares Art Gallery - İstanbul 
2008   Ares Art Gallery - İstanbul
2008   Fırça Art Gallery/Art Forum Art Fair
2009   CEF Art Gallery - İstanbul

2009   Çağsav Ankara Sanat Buluşması (Doruk Sanat Galerisi)- Ankara

2010   Fırça Sanat Galerisi - Ankara 




23rd , 24th ,25th ,26th ,27th ,28th ,29th ,30th ,31st ,32nd ,33rd  Artists of Trabzon  Traditional     Plastic Artworks Exhibitions
Şanlıurfa State  Fine  Arts Gallery Mixed Exhibition
Ankara Bilkent Dam Art Gallery
İstanbul  Kanat Beyazıt Art Gallery
Akçaabat Teacher's Exhibitions - Trabzon
2004 Artist 14th Art Fair İlhan Art Gallery - TÜYAP İstanbul
2004 Ankara İlhan Art Gallery
2004 Bursa Artists of Trabzon  Traditional Plastic Artworks Gallery - Bursa
2004 Ümit Yaşar Art Gallery
2005 National Kanal Mixed Exhibitions ( In many cities)
2006 Aşan Cora Studio Mixed Exhibition (1) - Trabzon
2006 National Kanal TÜYAP Art Fair - İstanbul

2007 Aşan Cora Studio Mixed Exhibition (2) - Trabzon
2007 KPS Associations Exhibition - Trabzon
2007 Artforum Ankara  Art Fair- Ankara
2008 Release of Akçaabat,  Teacher's Exhibition - Trabzon
2008 Ankara Trabzon Activities - CEF Art Gallery  
2008 KPS Associations Exhibition - İstanbul
2008 Aşan Cora Studio Mixed Exhibition (3) - Trabzon
2009 Deyim Art Gallery - İstanbul
2009 Ares Art Gallery - İstanbul
2009 Fırça Art Gallery - Ankara
2009 3rd Trabzon Activities - Ankara