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Manifest Galeri - Uluslararası Sergi Bitki Yaşamı Tema Araştırılması (Son Başvuru: 7 Mart 2012)


An International Exhibit Exploring the Theme of Plant Life

A Call for Submissions

http://www.manifestgallery.org/botanical/artshow_botanical.jpg" border="1" alt="" width="350" height="291" />

For details on how to submit work visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/botanical

At one time the world of living things was classified into two simple groups, plants and animals. Botany concerned itself with the study of plants. We are linked to these, our earthly cousins, in so many ways. As a planetary phenomenon we take for granted that to our yin the plants provide the yang. We breath in oxygen and out carbon dioxide, they absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Clearly an elegant arrangement was agreed upon by the forces of the Universe to arrive at such a symbiosis. Whether it be the form of organic plant life, or the concept of its functionality, the implications of its shared existence with humanity, or its clever ability to convert sunlight into food, plant life is as fascinating as it is beautiful. In the context of contemporary society it is interesting to consider what this can mean in the hands of artists.

Manifest continues its eighth season with an exhibit seeking works which explore the theme of plant life (using formal or conceptual methods). These may be in ways that are quite straightforward, or which are abstract, conceptual or in other ways surprising or inventive. Manifest is eager to see just how artists make work of any media or genre (painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, video, and non-traditional art, etc.) using plant life as a source of inspiration and exploration.

Eligibility: BOTANICAL is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter.

Media: Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts genre and media, (including painting, drawing, printmaking, video, photography, sculpture, collage, design, illustration, etc.). The only limitation is that the subject, form, or concept of the work must be directly related to plant life in some way.

Exhibit dates: April 20 - May 18, 2012 (Main Gallery and Drawing Room)

A full-color catalog will be produced. Exhibitors receive one free copy.

For details and to submit work visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/botanical



Deadline to Submit: June 1
Exhibit Dates: Manifest's 9th Exhibition Season (Sept. 2012 - Aug. 2013)

*** Note that Cincinnati's city-wide FotoFocus event will be going on throughout the month of October 2012 and Manifest is a registered participating venue. Photography and Lens-based art, including works that mix or explore different ways of incorporating photography, are always welcome at Manifest. Solo proposals which include such work will be given consideration for scheduling during the FotoFocus event.

http://www.manifestgallery.org/proposals/20081024_9999_36.jpg" border="1" alt="" width="600" height="320" />

Solo, Two-person, Group and Concept Submissions

SEASON 9 - 2012/2013
Deadline for Proposals: June 1, 2012
For details and to enter visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/proposals


For more information about Manifest's exhibit history visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/about/schedule_index.html

For more information about Manifest's exhibit catalogs visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/manifestpress


Opportunity News from a Friend of Manifest

The Light Factory Fifth Juried ANNUALE
(be sure to tell them MANIFEST sent you!)

The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, Charlotte, NC, is seeking challenging and inventive new work from photographers and artists throughout the country for an exciting exhibition. The work can include both traditional and non-traditional approaches to photographic imaging. The exhibition will consist of 6 artists, each of whom will be represented by 5-7 images.

EXHIBITION DATES: May 14 - August 19, 2012
The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, Charlotte, NC

ENTRY DEADLINE: March 23, 2012

Juror: Kevin Miller, Director of the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, FL

Registration and entry details for The Light Factory Fifth Juried Annuale are available at http://www.lightfactory.org


Seeking Office Manager (25-30hrs per week)


Manifest is seeking a dynamic, organized, and energetic person to fill the primary support position of Office Manager. The ideal candidate will play an important role in the operation of a rapidly growing non-profit arts organization, will work directly with the Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Gallery Manager, while also being able to work independently. The schedule for this position is flexible. Candidates must also be flexible to accommodate occasional special events/needs.

For details: http://www.manifestgallery.org/about/jobs.html



Do YOU Manifest?

Manifest was founded in-part by students for students. The organization continues to be supported by the volunteer efforts of passionate students and non-students who participate in our internship/volunteer program. Our incredible track record of presenting over 100 exhibits including the works of over 1000 artists to the public for five hours a day, five days a week, since January 2005 has been accomplished largely due to these generous and committed individuals.

Manifest interns receive valuable hands-on experience and insight into the workings of an internationally respected non-profit champion of the visual arts. Many past interns have gone on to notable full-time positions at major art museums across the country, to reputable graduate programs, or to advanced roles running galleries for other non-profit institutions and universities, benefiting from their learning and association with Manifest.

For more information about Manifest's internship program, visit http://www.manifestgallery.org/about/internships.html




Manifest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

Mission Statement:

Manifest stands for the quality presentation, experience, and documentation of the visual arts, engaging students, professionals, and the public from around the world through accessible world-class exhibits, studio programs, and publications.
Manifest's 2011/2012 season is funded in part by:
ArtsWave, The NLT Foundation, as well as many generous Annual Supporting Members. The Ohio Arts Council also helped fund this organization with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.




Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
2727 Woodburn Avenue  |  Cincinnati, Ohio 45206  |  513-861-3638

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