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2018 Richeson75 Sanat Okulu Kucuk Isler Odul Duyurusu
2018 Awards Announcement
We are pleased to announce the awards for the Richeson75 Small Works 2018 competition, as selected by Awards Juror Terry Stanley. Her comments about the winners are located by each painting.
Honorable Mention
"Beecher's Cheese" by Nancie King Mertz
Pastel 9 x 9

"I loved the contrasting textures and movement in this lively little pastel painting."
-Juror Terry Stanley

"Viviann" by Nicole Moné
Oil 6 x 9

"This is a beautiful little portrait and a great demonstration of how effective proper use of color temperature can be." -Juror Terry Stanley

"Moonrise" by Ted Fuka
Pastel 9 x 12

"This is a beautiful, moody pastel that reads as a nocturne despite the higher-key, saturated colors. "
-Juror Terry Stanley

"Young Swallow" by Julie Briede Ibar
Oil 5 x 6

"The bright colors and the great portrayal of contrasting textures make this charming little painting really stand out."
-Juror Terry Stanley
"Her Silver Hair" by Sookyi Lee
Charcoal 10 x 12

"Beautiful detail - the hair and the light on the eyelashes are captivating." -Juror Terry Stanley

"Emerson" by Cathleen Ahearn
Oil 6 x 6

"I’m a sucker for a bulldog of any kind but as such, also hard to impress: From the protruding eyes and personality to the textures of the neck skin, this one has it all." -Juror Terry Stanley
2nd Place Other Media
"Blue Jars"
Colored Pencil 10 x 8

"It’s easy to get ‘lost’ when painting this many glass objects in a grouping. Ms. Nistler has done an exemplary job of having every nuance and detail of this painting make sense. You can almost feel the raised writing of the jars and the scrap of complementary color on the table is just right."

-Juror Terry Stanley
2nd Place Oils & Acrylic
"Returning to Earth"
Oil 10 x 8

by William Suys

"The viewer gets a real visual treat with this painting! The lively colors of the rusty, patina-ed metal are gorgeous. Mr Suys is a true master at lost and found edges and where depicting detail will count most." 
-Juror Terry Stanley
1st Place Other Media

"Oh, Lovely Guardians"
Pastel 9 x 12

"The beautiful color harmonies, depth of field and impressionistic approach of this landscape are wonderful. Mr Peer has demonstrated a lovely sense of composition and clean, masterful use of the medium."

-Juror Terry Stanley

1st Place Oils & Acrylics

"The Color of Money"
Oil 5 x 7

"This is one of the best Trompe L’Oeil paintings I have seen. The gallery is going to need to put up a sign to keep people from trying to touch this to prove to themselves it is flat. The detail and textures are absolutely incredible."

-Juror Terry Stanley
Best in Show

"A Pair"
Watercolor 2.25 x 3.25

"This is truly a little gem. It’s a miniature in size but a monstrous success in composition, color and form. The detail is incredible - please note the size to fully appreciate the mastery displayed. The light and shadow play is really lovely and I very happily spent quite a while exploring all the patterns and draping. "
-Juror Terry Stanley



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